Is there an Olive Garden cooking school?

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Yes, they do, it is in a little village called Riserva di Fizzano in Tuscany.
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Why is olive garden named olive garden?

The Olive Garden chain of Italian-American restaurants was foundedby General Mills Inc. which later spun off their restaurantdivision into Darden Concepts Inc. There is no off

Does olive garden microwave food?

LOL, technically no but yes. Some stuff is microwaved Mac n cheese, ravioli. The breadsticks are just toasted. Other things are pre-prepared. It's as fresh as a corporate plac

Where can you purchase olive gardens coffee?

Actually, I just bought Olive Garden's coffee ... at Olive Garden. I asked my server if they sold their coffee, and he came back in a few minutes and said yes. They sell a sea

How do you cook olives?

it depends on how u want to make it. u could stuff it and put it in the oven or u could fry it!!!

Are kids allowed in Olive Garden?

Of course kids are allowed in Olive Garden. They do have chocolate milk for kids so they have something else to eat other than soda and stuff.

Is Olive Garden fancy?

For just going out to eat yes, but for a special occasion ex. birthday, anniversary no. If you mean dresses and suits no but you can't wear old work jeans and a greasy coat, y

Is there an Olive Garden in Las Vegas?

Yes, from my research I found one a couple of miles away from the circus circus resort. Have never eaten there, so not sure if this is location is still operating.

Where do they have olive garden?

Olives are grown in warm areas. Southern Italy, California are two places where you can find olives. The trees are rather pretty with a silver green leaf.