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Q: Is there an adult babysitting sirvice?
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Name a chore a babysitter might have to do while babysitting?

While babysitting an adult might have to clean the babys nappy!

What is the legal age for babysitting in NZ?

The legal age to babysit a child (for an adult not to be present) is 14 years.

How were black people treated in segregation?

horibly they never got anything and white people treated them unfairly even some places didn't give sirvice to colered people. the negro people had to go to the back of places to get in if they gave sirvice to the negros.

Can you babysit at ten years old with an adult checking on you once and a while?

No you should'nt be 10 and babysitting.. wait untill you turn 12!

Dose there have to be an adult with me when i am babysitting i am 11 years old just to tell you?

because you are 11 years old you shouldn't really be by sitting anyway so i would imagine that yes you would have to have an adult with you

Where to get certified in babysitting?

take a babysitting class

What is you am babysitting in Spanish?

I am babysitting = soy ninera

Where do you take your babysitting cours in sudbury?

you take your babysitting course at a babysitting club Good question

What is a babysitting circle?

A babysitting circle is a group of families who share babysitting duties on a rotational basis.

Babysitting flyer title?

The Best Of The Best Babysitting!

What are some phone numbers for babysitting jobs?


Where can a 14-year-old get a babysitting job in Las Vegas Nevada?

The best way to get babysitting jobs is to make posters advertising you with your mobile number(or your parents) and address. If you get a reliable adult to sign it and say that you are trustworthy and honest, you usually get some answers.

What is the legal age to babysit in Missouri?

By Missouri State Law, you must be at a minimum age of 11 years old to legally babysit a child without the supervision of another adult. For more babysitting tips and help, go to below for information on babysitting.

Can an 11 year old get a babysitting license?

Yes they can go to American Red Cross if there is an adult with them at all the times then they can nanny.My sister is a certified nurse

What are the rules for babysitting without a license in Goergia?

If you are a teenager babysitting you don't need a license, but if you are an adult who is doing home care you will need a license from the state. Call your department of social services or nearest college early childhood education department and they can give the info.

How do you claim babysitting on your taxes?

line 21 of 1040,if you did the babysitting.

What are the advantages of babysitting?

The advantages of babysitting are: It allows you to have a wider var

Do you have to have a babysitting licinse in Pennsylvania?

no you dont have to have a babysitting license in penslyvannia.

When did Babysitting Mama happen?

Babysitting Mama happened in 2010.

When did Babysitting Mania happen?

Babysitting Mania happened in 2008.

What are the directions about caring a baby?

To learn about babysitting, I recommend taking a Red Cross babysitting class. They will teach you everything about babysitting.

What is a good babysitting name that starts with an A?

Adam's awesome babysitting service

AGE of babysitting a brother or sister?

age of babysitting your brother or sister?

Where can you get you babysitting licsense?

There is a class at the 'American Red Cross' for babysitting courses...

What is difference between babysitter and babysitting?

A babysitter is a person and babysitting is a job.