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no.its just the title...

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Q: Is there an eclipse at the end of the book eclipse?
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What is end of movie twilight eclipse?

The end of eclipse in the book is when Bella finally accepts to marry Edward. There are much more events through the book that lead to this ending. Eclipse is one of my favourite books.

What happens at the end of the book twilight eclipse?

Read it?

Who does Bella end up with in the book eclipse?

Bella ends with edward

What book is eclipse based on?

The movie, Eclipse, is based on the book, Eclipse.

In which book of The Twilight Saga do the Cullen's vote on Bella's immortality?

It is towards the end of Eclipse (the third book)

What happens at the end of twilight eclipse book?

In the end of Twilight Eclipse, Bella and Edward decide to inform Bella's father, Charlie about their engagement which happened before the attack of the newborns.

Is Eclipse 2nd or third?

The book eclipse is the third book

Does Victoria die in Breaking Dawn?

Victoria dies near the end of eclipse, the third book.

When did the book eclipse come out on?

The book Eclipse came out on August 7th, 2007.

What would be another name for the book eclipse?

there is no other name for book eclipse

On which page and which book is Victoria killed?

Victoria doesnt get killed in Breaking Dawn she gets killed in the 3rd book Eclipse towards the end.

At the end of eclipse how tall is Jacob?

He says in the book that he is physically [build and height] about 25, and that he stops growing there.

How does Twilight Eclipse end?

The book ends with Edward and Bella laying in the meadow. He proposes to her and she says yes.

What time does the book eclipse takes place?

At the end of Bella's seinior year and some of her summer vacation

Where can you read eclipse chapter 3?

In the book Eclipse.

Where can you read the last chapter of eclipse?

in the book eclipse

Is the book eclipse science fiction?

Which book "Eclipse"? Which author? There are more than one book called "Eclipse".

Who is talking to Leah in the end of eclipse?

Jacob Black is talking to Leah at the end of "Eclipse"

Want to listen to the book eclipse twilight series?

you can search eclipse audio book on

How many chapters are in eclipse the book?

There are 27 chapters in Eclipse

When will today's lunar eclipse end?

todays lunar eclipse will end near 09:30pm

Why does the book Eclipse not thave the first chapter of Breaking Dawn?

At the time, Breaking Dawn was still in its plot and planning stages. It was still be organized and edited, so it was not included at the end of Eclipse.

How many papes are there in Eclipse the book?

If you mean Eclipse, Power of Three book 4 in Warriors, then there are 318 pages. If you mean Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight saga, I do not have the information to get it right now.

Who narrates the 'Eclipse' audio book?

The Eclipse audio book was written by Stephenie Meyer, read by Ilyana Kadushin. Eclipse was narrated the phenomena Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

Who does Bella pick in twilight eclipse Edward or Jacob?

She picks Edward over Jacob when she agrees to marry him at the end of the book.