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Is there an idiom cant make head or leg of it?

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No - it is "can't make heads or tails of it." It means you cannot understand something at all, as if you cannot tell whether a coin has landed heads up or tails up.

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An example sentence would be: "Are you pulling my leg? "

The idiom 'pulling my leg' means to tease a person.

This is not an idiom that I have ever heard. Perhaps you mean an arm AND a leg, which is an exaggerated way of saying something is really expensive.

No, because you have used the term incorrectly. The idiom is YOU'RE pulling my leg, as in YOU ARE doing it."I know you're just pulling my leg when you say you can fly."

"Break a leg" is theatrical slang for "good luck."

When someone tells you something you believe, but they are actually kidding, they are pulling your leg.

Oh yes, that is an idiom. There are no transactions in which someone literally gives one of his or her arms and legs as payment.

Yes it is an idiom.. "break a leg" means "good luck".... if you want to know just watch the movie of high school musical part one... :P

He told me I had won, but I thought he was pulling my leg.

(The idiom means "expensive" or "overpriced.")"That waterfront property will cost me an arm and a leg.""Don't lose that watch, because it cost me an arm and a leg."

more then you could give or pay then priceless bodily limbs, that are expensive on black market"An arm and a leg" is an idiom that means an exorbitant or very high price paid for something. "Jeeze, did you see that they're charging an arm and a leg for a gallon of gas these days!"

It means that you do not have any convincing arguments to support your statement or your position.

I'd try the question linked below if I were you.

It means.. Take action or Get going or Get moving or move quickerShake a leg means to hurry up. For example "Shake a leg we are already late for the game."

they have a head, an arm, an arm, a leg, and a leg.

if you feel a bone sticking out or he cant walk on the leg then it is broke.

Just make sure that its fed properly and keep it indoors at night so a fox cant get it.

Wouldn't it depend on leg muscles? Although, I think your leg would be heavier even though I am not completely sure at all...... Does hair count as part of your head?

why does a spider have so many leg sections and why cant you answer it gosh

you take your arm underneath their shoulder and put it behind their head and flex your leg to go straight that way your out of the single leg takedown and you can go back to neutral and make your shot

Not really. It's more of a slang used in the theater -- it really means the opposite, which is "good luck."

American slang from 1960's, possibly from Vietnam, meaning 'costing a lot.'

In brief it seems falsely translated from the common idiom 'to pull someone's leg', which has the meaning "to trick/fool/kid someone". For example: "Are you pulling my leg?" (Br.) / "Are you kidding me?" (Am.)

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