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raw fish

Raw fish is a given! Anyone could've said that and I highly doubt that was the answer the person was looking for. Your answer would be Sashimi.
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Where was the word 'sushi' made?

It was made in Japan

How do you spell sushi in french?

You would spell it "sushi" because the word is Japanese.

How do you say sushi in japan?

Sushi. It is the same word, since we get it from the Japanese language.

What is the word sushi come from?

The word sushi refers to sushi rice. Sushi rice is white sticky rice. Rice vinegar is added to the rice while it cooks in order to give it the sticky texture and sweet flavor.

Is sushi Japanese?

Yes, sushi was originated in Japan, where the word means "it's spicy."

What does the Japanese word sushi mean?

Sushi refers to anything made with vinegared rice. Sushi means sushi, much the same way that "hot dog" means ... "hot dog."

What language does the word sushi come from?


Is sushi a proper noun?

No, the noun 'sushi' is common noun, a general word a type of food prepared in a Japanese style; a word for any sushi of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, Takei's Sushi Bar.

What is another name for Korean barbecue?

lettice sushi

What is the name of a fish that is made into sushi?

sushi is not made of any fish in particular, itdoesn't even need to contain fish. the word "sushi" comes from the kind of rice that is used. anything made of this rice is considered to be sushi.

What is an 8 letter word for variety of sushi?


Is sushi relegus?

Sushi is not religious. Sushi is a type of cuisine, and as an inanimate concept it cannot profess a deity or belief system. It is not specifically associated with any one religion over another.

What is the difference between maki and sushi?

There are many types of sushi; Nigiri -Sushi (hand shaped sushi), Oshi-Sushi (pressed sushi), Maki-Sushi (rolled sushi) and Chirashi-sushi (scattered sushi).

What is the Italian translation of the Japanese word 'sushi'?

Sushi is the same in Italian and Japanese.Specifically, the word functions as a Japanese loan word in Italian. It is presented here as a masculine noun in its singular form. It may be preceded by the masculine singular definite article il ("the").The pronunciation will be "SOO-shee" in Italian.

How is the word sushi written in Japanese?

It is written: 寿司

What does sushi taste like?

The taste of sushi depends what is in the sushi and the opinion of what you think the sushi taste like.The word "sushi" just means "roll" not "raw fish" like most people believe. As a sushi beginner, I would order the shrimp tempura. It is completely cooked and I have not met a single person who doesn't like it at least a little bit. As for what sushi tastes like That depends on what you order and the person eating it.

When was Sushi Sushi created?

Sushi Sushi was created in 1991.

What is the definition of the word introducing?

Introducing is the act of showing someone something for the first time, for example the first time your friend meets your parents, you introduce them to each other. Another example is the first time you take someone out to eat sushi, you are introducing them to sushi.

How do you say good sushi in Japanese?

You may say 'ii sushi' (good sushi); 'oishii sushi' (tasty sushi); 'umai sushi' (delicious sushi)

Where does sushi com from?

It's just a Japanese word for raw fish. Loads of different fish can be sushi such as, tuna, salmon or even pufferfish.

What word is formed if you unscramble the letters hisus?

The letters 'hisus' can be unscrambled to spell the word sushi.

What kind of fish is in sushi?

There is a range of types, but one of the most popular is tuna. Remember that the word 'sushi' doesn't actually refer to raw fish, but a boiled rice dish. Lots of sushi does not actually contain fish.

Traditional food for Japanese?

Sushi. there are many types of sushi...nigiri sushi, maki sushi...etc

What is the Italian translation of 'sushi'?

Sushi is a Japanese loan name in Italian.Specifically, the word actually refers to a number of diverse food items. But what the items all have in common is the predominant role of cooked, vinegared rice. The pronunciation is "soo-she."

What is the French for sushi?


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