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Q: Is there any another type like PHP?
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What is coercion in php?

Coercion, type coercion or type conversion is the process of altering the data type of a variable into another data type. PHP uses implicit type conversion (aka. Weak/Loose Typing) so it is not necessary to declare the type of a variable. For instance, the following will not produce any errors: <?php $foo = "A string"; $foo = 1; $foo = array(); ?> You can however explicitly cast variables to a certain type: <?php $int = (int)4.5/2; ?> In contrast, strongly typed languages such as C/C++/Java force you to declare the type of value a variable will hold and explicitly state the new type to perform a conversion; not doing so will result in a compiler error.

How run php program in wanp server in window?

Once you install wamp server. Any file with php extenstion like xyz.php you put in www folder will be executed as PHP file.

When would one use a PHP table?

PHP is a type of coding for a forum or website. Any website that uses the PHP coding could use a table to organize data or to show relationships between the specific data that is on the website.

Can a php file be valid without any php code?

PHP files are HTML files with any amount of PHP intermingled into it, so the file can be empty or only contain HTML and be valid, yes.

Is PHP runable in Linux?

PHP can run on any major operating system just like java as long as you have an interpreter. Try installing a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server & you should be able to run php on your pc/server. There are some IDE's which would allow php development on linux os

Can i use php without a php admin or account?

Yes, you can use PHP without any admin account. It is a programming language you can install on any computer and does not have accounts inherently.

When i click the php query button its asking to open or save?

Clearly, this is a case of the server not knowing what to do, so it treats it like any other file.To run PHP scripts, you will need to configure your server to handle PHP files through the php-cgi or phpexecutable. For Apache, this is accomplished by editing httpd.confAdd the following to the httpd.conf file:PHPIniDir ""LoadModule php5_module ""AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php

How can you run a php program?

To run PHP, just like any other programming/scripting language, you need to install an interpreter.If you're planning on using the PHP on a website, you can have a PHP interpreter run alongside your Apache/Nginx installation. Go ahead and look up the relevant installation information for your server's OS.

I have a HTML website I want to use a php script I have but the main php file has the info in it and I want it to be on the HTML site how can I embed or use the php code without using frames?

change the extention of the .HTML file to .php and then open the file that was previously HTML and put <?php include ("path/to/second/php/file.php"); ?> so for example if i have page1.HTML and page2.php i rename page1.HTML to page1.php and then put <?php include ("page2.php"); ?> where i want page2 to appear. Note: Any HTML file can be renamed to have a .php extention even if it doesnt contain any PHP.

How can you run PHP files?

Use the 'include()' in your pages. Eg. include(link.php); ?> Normally PHP files are meant to be run through a web server which serves on a browser. What is outputted is the HTML of the page along with any information that is generated by php depending on the code inside the page. If you would like to run the PHP code from the command line you can using the php executable. If you are on a windows machine you can do the following: c:\php>php c:\websites\webroot\filename.php This will output the HTML that the PHP generates after being parse by PHP. You can also do this on Linux as follows: $->php /path/to/file.php

Why is PHP in Linux?

PHP is a cross platform programming language, it is (in theory) available on any operating system.

How do you center a container in php?

You do not center any HTML constructs inside PHP itself. First of all its bad practice to mix php code with HTML, for that you can use a template engine like smarty. Next, in case you DO want to mix HTML and PHP, then simply give the "container" element an ID or a class name. This one then can be styled via CSS.