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Kidney disease can lead to kidney failure.

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What is the difference between acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure?

The difference between acute renal (kidney) failure and chronic kidney failure, is that acute is a sudden onset. Something like a medical condition, trama, or surgery can cause the failure within days or even hrs. Chrinic kidney failure is slow damage to the kidney over a few years, resulting in the kidneys not being able to filter blood properly.

What is the difference between chronic kidney disease and chronic renal disease?

Kidney and Renal are synonymous. Therefore, chronic kidney disease and chronic renal disease mean the same thing.

Is kidney failure the same as chronic kidney disease?

Kidney failure is an acute stage, and can often be a secondary complication to another condition or situation, such as from a reaction to medication or from dehydration. Chronic kidney disease is a chronic illness. Acute kidney failure has a good chance of being 100% reversible if caught early. Chronic kidney disease is manageable with dialysis, but is not reversible.

Body disease begins with R?

Rabies, Renal failure (kidney failure)

Are patients with diabetes mellitus at greater risk for kidney disease?

Yes, kidney disease and kidney failure are potential complication of diabetes mellitus.

What kidney disease is inherited and the cysts slowly reduce the kidney function and eventually leads to kidney failure?

The condition known as polycystic kidney disease is inherited and the cysts slowly reduce kidney function and leads to kidney failure. the condition can also effect the liver and pancreas.


DefinitionThe term "renal" refers to the kidney. For example, renal failure means kidney failure.Related topics:Kidney diseaseKidney disease - dietKidney failureKidney function testsRenal scanKidney transplant

What is the relationship between hypertension and kidney failure?

About 25% of people who receive kidney dialysis have kidney failure caused by hypertension.

What is the prognosis of acute kidney failure?

Studies have estimated overall death rates for acute kidney failure at 42-88%. Many people, however, die because of the primary disease that has caused the kidney failure

Complications of nephritic syndrome?

* Acute kidney failure * Chronic kidney failure * End-stage kidney disease * High blood pressure * Congestive heart failure * Pulmonary edema * Chronic glomerulonephritis * Nephrotic syndrome

What disease does having low sodium cause?

I Think You Can Get Kidney Failure.

Who is kidney transplantation performed on?

Kidney transplantation is performed on patients with chronic kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

What is the scientific name for kidney failure?

doing a science Report on Kidney Disease need to know the scientific name

How did Chester A. Arthur die?

He died of complications of Bright's disease which is a leak in the kidney which is basically a kidney failure.

What is the difference between white kidney beans and red kidney beans?

what is the difference between white and red kidney beans?

How long can a person live with diabetic kidney disease?

Diabetic kidney disease is when the kidneys essentially begin to go into organ failure. Diabetic kidney disease is aggressive and once the patient is to the point of seeking dialysis, the person infected with the disease is projected to live 5-6 years with diabetic kidney disease.

Why is kidney failure the common excretory disease?

Because the kidneys are a part of excretory

What has the author David Goldsmith written?

David Goldsmith has written: 'ABC of kidney disease' -- subject(s): Kidney Diseases, Chronic Kidney Failure

What can cause a kidney disease?

Sometimes it is hard for one to tell what causes a kidney disease, but anything that can damage the kidneys or blood vessels may cause it to develop a disease. Some examples of kidney disease causes are diabetes, high blood pressure, blocked renal arteries, overuse of medicines, and disease you are born with can all cause kidney disease or failure.

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