Is there any games online like Lego universe?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Is there any games online like Lego universe?
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What is an online game like Bionicle?

bionicle is Lego's so i would have to say Lego universe

Is there any games like Roblox?

Minecraft, Blockland, Lego Universe

What Lego game is after Lego universe?

Lego universe is an MMO and MMO do not have sequels but instead expansions. Considering now that Lego Universe has been closed like the other hundreds of MMOs that don't do so well in today's economy lego will probably stick with normal singleplayer and co-op games for a while before reattempting the MMO concept.

Do you like Lego universe?


What are some games like fusion fall?

if you are looking for games like fussion fall........try marvel superhero squad..or dc universe online........they will do untill marvel universe online is released

Does LEGO Universe have an email?

If you would like to request help from the Lego Universe team, visit the Lego Universe website, click on help, and 'Request Help'. You should be able to contact them from here.

Is there any games like Roblox besides Garry's mod Blockland and Lego Universe?

there is a norther game that's there to minecrafter

Where can you get free building games online?

There are many free building games online. If you like Lego, Brick building style games check out Roblox in the related links.

What game is like LEGO Universe?

A game similar to Lego Universe, is Club Penguin. It has the same kind of idea and is just as fun!

What game is really like Lego universe?


A game like Roblox but not Blockland?

Yes there are several other games like Roblox. There is Lego Universe, a game where you build bricks and play with friends online. There is also Minecraft, a game where you build stuff with blocks and try to survive from evil creatures.

What specific date will LEGO universe be released on?

Although beta testers like me are testing Lego universe, we have no idea when netdevil and Lego will release this game. The best guess is by the end of 2010.