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1st check with the Chicago Hisorical Society under businesses. Then by name(s) to see if you can come up with an idividual; and approximate date. If you know the type of business and who or what they dealt with you can approach it from that angle. The local chamber of commerce is a good check as well. I don't know much, but here goes: Not "Chase" but Charles Truax & Greene Co. was a maker of medical supplies. Occasionally their speculums and proctological appear on Ebay (today there are 2). I know nothing of Mr. Greene, but as I am a Truax myself, I know a little more about the Truax name .... all very easy to research on the web. Anyone with the name Truax or Truex is a direct descendant of Phillipe de Trieux, a Belgian-born Walloonian Huegonot who came to New York in 1624.

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Q: Is there any information available about an old Chicago company Chase Truax and Greene on the web?
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