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No, Marvel cards are not really worth a lot of money. However, many Baseball and Basketball cards are worth big bucks.

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Q: Is there any marvel cards that is worth a lot of money?
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Are there any marvel cards worth a lot of money?

Not really. There are some from the 70s that have some small value, but overall very little comic book related anything has retained or grown in value from the 1990s. They might be worth keeping for purely nostalgia reasons, but not as any real investment.

Is there any collectible value in expired credit cards?

no unless they are really old then they would be worth some money

Are holographic cards worth more money?

Yes, of course they are worth more money! It also depends on what the card is and its rarity. You can search up a cards rarity online. You can sell cards on eBay (or any shopping site) for high price, and if its rare, or holographic or something like that, people WILL buy it :)

Is prestige China garden China worth any money?

Is prestige china worth any money

Where can you sell chaotic trading cards?

any store that will the the cards off of you for good money

Is any of Elvis collector cards worth anything?

why is it worthy

Can you use walmart money cards in any store?


Is there any Pokemon cards worth 100 dollars?

black pikachu.

Are crackerjack baseball cards worth anything?

If they are the originals produce in 1914 and 1915 then some of them are worth good money. If they are the reprints or forgeries then they are not worth a whole lot of money.... also i want to point out that alot of the cards from the 1914 or 1915 crackerjack baseball card series will be worth money but if they are in really great condition they could be worth even thousands of dollars even if its a not so known player but if you have any of the hall of fame players such as honus wagner, ty cobb, walter johnson, tristram speaker,napoleon lajoie, etc etc etc these players could be worth thousands of dollars in low grades these cards are highly collectible and any serious baseball fan collector or investor would love to own them

How much is a 1988 topps baseball complete set of cards worth?

MAny baseball cards from that era arent worth much at all. Old baseball cards got so much money that everyone started collecting them. No supply and demand for any of them. So no real value. Prob could get 5 bucks for all of them. Maybe 10.

Is limestone worth any money?


What is the marvel avengers alliance hacks password?

there is no any password its fake there isnt any hack they just need to take ur money

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