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Q: Is there any medicine for urinary incontinence in the stores?
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Do preeclamptic patients experience urinary incontinence?

Any pregnant female can experience (temporary) urinary incontinence and urgency. If accompanied by burning or pain, it could be from a urinary tract infection.

What are the characteristics of fecal incontinence?

Fecal incontinence, also called bowel incontinence, can occur at any age, but is most common among people over the age of 65, who sometimes have to cope with urinary incontinence as well.

Prevalence of Urinary incontinence in United Arab emirates?

i do not think there is any study done until know.

Urinary incontinence with traces of blood and stinging?

Any time you have blood in the urine it needs evaulated. If with burning, stinging, pressure, urinary urgency, etc. it could be a urinary tract infection.

Can you get pregnant if you have Urinary incontinence?

i was married for four months ago then i am trying a baby for now but i cant pregnant then i have a urinary incontinence in past five years i cant take any remedies for this causing so this problem may involving in my pregnancy delaying

What is bladder leakage?

Urinary incontinence (UI) is any involuntary outflow of excretion. it's a standard and distressing downside, which can have a profound impact on quality of life. incontinence nearly always results from Associate in Nursing underlying treatable medical condition however is under-reported to medical practitioners. ...

What is the usual cause of urinary incontinence?

Two causes of incontinence could be constipation which is because the rectum is close to the bladder and shares nerves. A urinary tract infection can also be a cause because this irritates your bladder making you feel the need to urinate more often.

Who are the best doctors for incontinence in Abu Dhabi?

You will have to consult a local clinic or check some directory. Urinary incontinence is a result of weakening of certain pelvic muscles and these medicines are mainly focussed at strengthening them. Incontinence is medically treatable if any adult is found with it within certain age limits. However if it is due to ageing, then medicines might be ineffective. It is better to consult a super specialist before taking final call.

What are the solutions for urinary incontinence?

The solutions for urinary incontinence cover a relatively large spectrum, from exercises to surgery to drugs. Pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises are the most important aspect of any incontinence solutions program. For this reason, ensuring proper technique is essential. There are several incontinence devices that you may find helpful in your pelvic floor therapy. Some of the devices, like the Prometheus CTS 2000 and Kegel Master, actually allow you to see how well you're strengthening the muscle by squeezing on a device that's got an electronic monitor in it. Surgery is another incontinence solution that should be heavily weighed. However, most doctors recommend surgery only after all other solutions have been attempted. There are drugs you can take as well, but they're normally only prescribed if you've just had prostate surgery or some other invasive procedure.

Is there any medicine to control to much farting?

Yes, there is an over-the-counter medicine called Beano, that can prevent gas. You take it with food. You can get it in grocery stores or pharmacies.

How does a hysterectomy affect incontinence?

Any surgery involving the urogenital tract runs the risk of damaging or weakening the pelvic muscles and causing incontinence.

Is there any difference between urinary calculi and urinary stone?

Urinary stones or urinary calculi mean the same. But the more refined term is urinary calculi.