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Q: Is there any memory cards for ps2 that have 500kb?
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Can i use your nokia 5233 as memory card for ps2?

no you must buy the PS2 memory cards

Will a PS2 memory card of japan will work on PS2 of china?

it depends if its a memory card by sony it will work on any ps2 console but if its not by sony it wont work if your memory card is by sony it will say it on the front to sony memory cards is just data

Can you use ps1 memory cards on the ps2?

Yes, only for PSone games though. PS2 games require a 8MB (PS2) memory card.

What are the disadvantages of the PS1?

Can't play ps2 games or use ps2 memory cards.

Can you use a PS2 memory card on a PS1?

No, PS2 memory cards are keyed differently, and will not physically fit inside the PS machine.

Will a ps3 memory card work with ps2 games?

PS3 has a harddrive not memory cards

What kind fo memory cards does the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It can adapt memory cards from the PS2, PS3 and from the original playstation.

How much you should pay to ps2 memory card in uae?

Amazon wants $15 for a 2 pack of Sony PS2 8 MB cards and $10 for a single black card. Others brands of memory cards for the PS2 are much cheaper with more memory like 2 32 MB cards for $10

Where can you download PS2 memory cards?

You don't download memory cards, you buy them. If you mean the files for games however, check sites like Gameshark etc..

Does a PS2 game save on a PS2 console without the memory card?

No, you must have a memory card that is compatible with the PS2 to save any kind of memory.

Does a ps2 memory card fit in a wii?

For a more detailed answer, the reason you cant is because tye ps2 memory cards dont even fit inside, they are too big. However, i think a ps1 memory card may work, as they work on gamecubes, and the wii uses gamecube memory cards

How do you copy PS1 and PS2 game data from original PS1 and PS2 memory cards to a PS3?

create a file in the ps3 harddrive