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Q: Is there any new Pokemon games for the wii coming out?
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Are there any new Pokemon games coming out in 2011?

Yes! There will be Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version in 2011.

What is the new Pokemon games that are coming out?

Pokemon Black and White.

Are there any new Pokemon coming out?

Yes. There will also be two new games coming out called Pokemon Black and White Versions. There will be two new Pokemon called Zorua and Zoroark. Coming in 2011 Go to for more information

Are there new pokemon games coming out?

many people are saying that a new pokemon of gen III is coming out (hoenn)

Will there be new Pokemon games and new Pokemon coming out?

There will be new Pokemon games coming out in 2016 called Pokemon GO and Pokemon Z. I'm sure they will release side games such as the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. In February, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are coming out for the 3DS virtual console for 9.99 USD.

Are there any new Pokemon?

There will be 2 new Pokemon called Zorua & Zoroark. They will be legendary and will be the logo Pokemon for the new Pokemon games "Pokemon Black" & "Pokemon White", which are coming out in 2011. The "3DS" will come out the around the same time as the additions to the Pokemon series of games.

Are there any new Pokemon games coming out soon?

There is a new Pokemon game coming out soon, which is called 'Pokemon Platinum', the sequel to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Giritina is in its reverse world form, shaymin is in its sky form, and there is an entirely new plot in Pokemon Platinum.

Is their going to be any new Pokemon games coming out in 2010?

Yes, I heard of remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, to be called Heart Gold and Soul Silver, will be coming out probably 2010.

Are any new Pokemon games coming out soo n and if so when?

yes mabye they might come out with a new silver and gold for ds

Are there any Pokemon games coming out in 2012?

Royal Ruby and Sacred Saphire is coming out in 2012. But while you wait get Pokemon black or white its coming out in America on March 6th. There are new games being announced in the June 15 edition of corocoro but idk what they are.

Are there any new Godzilla games coming out?


Is there any new football manager games coming out on ps2?


Are there any new Naruto games coming out for xbox 360?


Any new games coming out for xbox 360?

there always will be.

Are there any new Pokemon games coming out?

they might be remaking gold and silver. the new mystery dungeons came out a couple of months ago. they might be making a girintina game

Is there going to be another Pokemon game?

Yes after HeartGold/SoulSilver there is two new games coming out Pokemon Black and Pokemon White both with new Pokemon starters and new Pokemon in general not to mention a whole new region =D

Will Pokemon be able to catch trainers in the new Pokemon games?

There is no news of this happening in any recent games to come.

How do you get black and white Pokemon in pearl?

you cant get the new Pokemon in any of the older games

What are the new Pokemon games?

The creaters are coming out with a sequel to the diamond and pearl games called Pokemon platinum and there is also a Pokemon ranger shadows of almia game. but now in japan they announced two new Pokemon games soul silver and heart gold [silver and gold remakes] and this is not fake in japan it's coming out in autumn and the starters are the same

Will there be a new Pokemon game soon and not just a remake?

No, there isn't any new fuly-fledged games coming, only the 2 remakes of Gold and Silver (HeartGold and SoulSilver, respectively).

Are there new Pokemon games coming after the new johto remakes?

Yes. There are 3 new mystery dungeon games for the Wii, as well as a new Pokemon Ranger game coming out for DS. Two 5th generation Pokemon were recently announced as well, meaning there will almost certainly be a 13th, 14th, and 15th season to Pokemon, with a movie corresponding to each, and probably two or three mystery dungeon games, three regular games, and one Pokemon Ranger game to go along with it.

Are there any new dbz games coming out?

i think they are because they keep making new one

Are there any new sonic games coming out?

no O.O you like sonic hahaha

Are there going to be any new pokemon games?

i ate potatoes yesterday :\

Are there any more Pokemon events?

a new Pokemon event is coming in feb.2 2010. but it is always held in china