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Q: Is there any offline game similar to Clash of Clans?
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Are there any flash games like Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans is not a flash game. To find similar games to clash of clans search in the app store.

What are top games very similar game like Clash of Clans?

Clash royale, which is also made by supercell

How do you play Clash of Clans on facebook?

Clash of Clans is not available as a Facebook game.

How do you save game in clash of clans private server?

Clash of clans saves automatically.

Is Clash of Clans a paid game?


Is clash of clans fake?

Clash of Clans is real. It's a real game that you can actually play.

Where to download Clash of Clans for android?

The best place to download the Clash of Clans game for Android is the Google Play Store.

What kind of game is Clash of Clans?

Strategy RPG

How do you beat clash of clans?

There is no way to beat Clash of Clans. You can try to make it to the leaderboards, however, which kind of gives you a feeling that you beat the game.

How do you restart Clash of Clans?

Uninstall the game, then re-install it

How do you download Clash of Clans on galaxy tablet?

Go to the Google Play. Search for the Clash Of Clans. Install it and you are good to play the game. Enjoy the game and earn a good loot :)

How do you restore clash of clans?

So far, no way unless you are logged into the same game center account as before and re-downloaded Clash of Clans.

How to re back the saved game Clash of Clans on android after erasing game file on the device?

You can get the saved game of Clash of Clans on android after erasing the game file on the device by going to the app store and re-downloading it.

How much did clash of clans make?

Clash of the Clans makes an estimated $4.6 million per day. The game to date has made over $820 million.

How do you download Clash of Clans on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

Clash of Clans is currently unavailable to download from the Samsung Downloads. The game Clash of Titans is, however, available currently in their online store.

What is the latest password for Clash of Clans hack v1.68?

Clash Of Clans is a combat strategy game for the Android. It is not recommended that you try and get the latest password for hack v1.68 as this is against the terms of service of the game.

How do you reset account for Clash of Clans on apple?

delete the game data files

How can you remove Clash of Clans from your iPhone?

Just select and hold the Clash of clans game till the red minus sign appears on the top right of that game. Now select that option and uninstall it. Easy!

How do you delete saved data on Clash of Clans iPod?

You can log out of your game center, delete the game, and re install Clash of Clans, and then your saved data should be gone... If you are jailbroken, download iFile and delete the data from iFIle.

How do you restart Clash of Clans village?

You have to make a new google+/ios account as I know

How do you reset your clash of clans game?

You delete the app and then re download it . Do it 3 times and it will reset the game

Can you reset Clash of Clans?

Yes! You will need: 2 idevices. one of them should not have clash of clans on it ever. What u do is make a gamecenter account on the second device, download clash of clans on it, and log on to that gamecenter on the first device. it will ask u if u want to reset the game answer yes

How do you play clash of clans on Mac?

Clash of clans is not officially available for Mac. That said, there are some reports of the game being used on Mac through the use of some types of emulation software.

How much money for make Clash of Clans?

Part of what makes Clash of Clans and Hay Day so insanely. You can use real money to buy yourself game resources and power-ups.

How do you open the other account on Clash of Clans?

Change your game center or google play account.