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Yes, there is Mechquest, Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds which is a little different to Dragonfable. Note: All these games are all made by the same people as Dragonfable

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โˆ™ 2009-04-18 23:54:54
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Q: Is there any online games like dragonfable?
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theres club penguin or neopets, dragonfable, adventurequest, (dragonfable is better tho) based on your question your looking for medeival games. IJJI has a bunch of games that require download but I find fun, Soldierfront is more modern day but I quite enjoy it. Just thinking you may like it.

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Could you be more specific? are looking for games that are 2 dimensional like dragonfable? Or do you mean like single player rpg games? Well, the only game i know of that is closely similar to dragonfable is mechquest which is created by the same people who made dragonfable. All other games i know of is probably ten times better than dragonfable. If you're interested in playing other better 3D games on a PC, i suggest you look into LOTRO, Dungeons and Dragons, or League of Legends.

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Tryed Fiesta ? My brother likes it . try world of warcraft

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