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Mind your own business.

2010-03-06 07:31:37
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Did Britney Spears shave her head in 2007?

YES! Britney Spears shaved her head February 16, 2007. K-Fed wanted custody over the CRAPPY children, and was threatening to have a drug test taken on her hair. Now, we ALL know that Brit was on drugs. She she went out and shaved her head so he wouldn't have proof. - Yours Truly, shannon331

What is Britney Spears Bebo page?

Britneys bebo page is - <Britneyofficial> There is proof of it being the real Britney on her page. There are a lot of fakers on bebo pretending to be Britney, but some have even tried to get a name like Britneys page e.g. britneyofficialxxxx and say it's the real Britney, but of course they're not too smart and let it slip! So, this is the real Britneys page.

Why do reporters make lies about Britney Spears?

For one reason I know, they are jealous of Britney Spear's attention, and because her music videos are ( sometimes, or really ) inapropriate, so they think she's some kind of sex kitten or something. And that's ALSO a reason why people believe those rumors and lies about Britney Spears. We have no proof whatsoever if the rumors are true or not, though. So I don't think anybody should really argue, get mad, or make more rumors about her.

Does Connie Booth have breast implants?

I've watched her...scenes, in 1974's "Romance with a bass" closely and have to say that there is no actual "proof" in them that hers have been augmented. Nor is there any trace mention of such a surgery being had by her found anywhere online. I would have to answer this with unconfirmed or unknown at the moment, at best.

Could put Vaseline on your breast increase their growth?

There is no scientific proof of this at all

Will you get breast cancer from wearing a bullet proof vest too tight?

No; breast cancer results from a tumor with mutant DNA growing in breast tissue. This has nothing to do with wearing tight clothes.

What animal hunted a mammoth?

Early humans hunted mammoths and are thought to have been a major cause of their extinction although there is no definitive proof.

What are the ingredients for a homemade breast enlargement cream?

The powerful effects of herbs in enhancing breasts are known for centuries and women used to depend on herbs like Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Blessed Thistle, Damiana etc for increasing the size and shape of their breast naturally. The power and influence of these breast enlargement herbs is phytoestrogens - a substance contained in the herbs that act as estrogen in the body. Consequently, they encourage the growth of breast tissue. However, there is no scientific proof that these ingredients have any effect on breast growth.

When did interior design begin?

It started way back in time. The first interior designers are the caveman. They drew animals and themselves with spears. Proof of this is the Lascaux cave in France and the Altamira cave paintings in Spain.

What kind of plastic surgery did Madonna have?

There are rumors that Madonna had Several Types of Plastic Surgery:1.Fat Injections On Her Hands2.Facial Cosmetic Surgeries3.Botox Injections4.Laser Facial Procedures5.Mini Face-Lift6.Restylane Injections7. Sapphire and Diamond Treatment8.Nose Job9. Breast Implants/AugmentationThese all are rumors, there are no any definite proof her these all Plastic Surgery Procedure.

Can beer make your breasts grow?

It is a tradition in parts of Europe that drinking beer increases breast size due to the hops which beer contains. This tradition has not been substantiated in modern times, but it remains a popular idea even if evidence for it has not been forthcoming. Hops remains a popular and common ingredient in herbal breast enhancement formulations. However, there is no proof that beer will increase breast size.

Fill in the blank A second type of proof in geometry is a proof by or indirect proof?

An indirect proof is a proof by contradiction.

What are the active ingredients in Perfect C?

"The active ingredients in Perfect C are: fenugreek, kelp, fennel seeds, blessed thistle, and saw palmetto. However, there is no proof that Perfect C will actually help improve your breast firmness. Herbal remedies like Perfect C are usually not helpful when they are recommended for breast enhancement."

What is Proof of Product?

A proof of product is a proof of product.

Is there any thing that poor women could do to enlarge their breast size with out having surgery pills or cream?

According to a web site on yahoo you can gain 1 breast size in 30 days by doing 100 to 300 circular motions twice a day. I will have to work on the proof of that yet but it can't hurt anything by trying.

How do you soften chicken breast meat?

you could cook it in an oven proof bag with herbs and spices and then it comes out verry juicey and tender, or try the soo juicy pack,they are great good luck xx

What is the antonym of no proof?


A second type of proof in geometry is a proof by or indirect proof?


What the definition of informal proof or paragraph proof?

A proof written in the form of a paragraph (as opposed to a two-column proof)

Why is algebraic proof stronger than geometric proof?

Both the algebraic proof and geometric proof are strong. The algebraic proof however is usually very involving.

Second type of proof in geometry is a proof by?

I am not really sure what you are asking but there are 3 types of proofs in geometry a flow proof, a 2-collumn proof, and a paragraph proof.

What is the duration of Man-Proof?

The duration of Man-Proof is 1.25 hours.

How much is a 1989 Kennedy proof half dollar worth?

It has a value from $5 in the lowest proof grade [Proof 60] to $375 in the highest proof grade [Proof 70]

What proof is there that volvox is a colony?


Are cats flame-proof?