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Is there any remake of silver for gba?

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Yes. It is called Pure Silver or Soul Silver and it is coming out on Nintendo DS in 2010.

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Will there be a nds or gba remake of Pokemon gold and silver?

Yes, a Nds games, Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Is mother 1 for gba or Nintendo entirtament systems?

the original was for the nes, but they made a remake of mother 1 and earthbound in japan for the gba

What is a wireless adapter for gba?

it is a cable which you get with your GBA usually silver colour

Will there be a remake of Pokemon crystle?

Maybe, because they have made a remake of Gold en Silver to.

If soul silver is silver on DS and heart gold is gold on DS what is crystal on DS?

CRYSTAL, as far as we know, WILL NOT BE COMING OUT FOR DS. Crystal was kind of a remake of both Gold and Silver versions. Like Platinum was a remake of both Diamond and Pearl. I would not exspect a remake of this game, sadly, because it is one of my favorites. Soulsilver (Silver remake) and HeartGold (Gold remake) will be coming out Spring 2010.

What are the possibilities of a gold and silver remake?

While there is no official statement that there will be a remake, there are hints that there might be a remake. While some people want it to happen, there are others that say that there is no point in a remake.

When will Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal have a remake?

Gold and Silver already have remakes for the Nintendo DS called HeartGold and SouSilver. I don't know if Crystal will have a remake.

Should Nintendo make a Pokemon Crystal or Gold or Silver for DS?

Yes, it should as the Pokemon game will not fit in the dual slot. So I wish others would answer this question as a yes if you agree. And crystal was my favorite one so I think we should ask Nintendo to make it into either a DS game or a GBA game without changing its game detail. yes it should it was an awesome game but they should not make a remake for the gba since Nintendo is comming out with a new ds caled the Nintendo dsi which takes out the gba slot to make in thinner yes i also agree that they should make a remake of Pokemon silver, gold, and crystal because i loved Pokemon silver.

Will there be a Ruby and Sapphire remake?

Generation lll: Red and Blue remakeGeneration lV: Gold and Silver remakeGeneration V: Ruby and Sapphire remakeYeah, Nintendo will definitely remake Ruby and Sapphire. Well, I hope they will.

What is Final Fantasy 'Dawn of Souls'?

Dawn of Souls is the Final Fantasy 1 and 2 remake for GBA.

Should i know Pokemon Silver cheats code?

not for emerald but for Pokemon silver for Gba

Can you clone items on Pokemon soul silver?

No, they fixed it in this remake.

What game is Charmander in?

Its in Gold and Silver.(Older versions on the GBA)

Is Kannada movie jogi a remake of any Hollywood movie?

Jogi is not a remake of any Hollywood film.

What reigen is Pokemon heart-gold soul-silver?

Hopefully not Ronald "Reigen". It is a rEmake of silver and gold, so it is Johto.

When will there be a remake of Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald?

I guess it will come out sometime in 2012-2015. I think they'll be called Pokemon CrimsonRuby and Pokemon CobaltSapphire. As for Emerald, there is not going to be a remake because Yellow did not have a remake but red and green did. Crystal had no remake,either. But Gold and Silver did. I cant wait for ruby and sapphires remakes! If you have any questions about the remakes, you are welcome to edit this page. I will answer them as soon as I can.

Why can't pilswine evolve in soul silver?

Maybe, (I'm not sure), Whatever its evolution was not invented in Pokemon silver. if you're wondering why the crud silver? its because soul siver is a remake of silver, therefore it may not evolve because, once again, it is a remake. as i said before, i may be wrong.

When will the Pokemon sapphire remake released?

yes...there has to be a remake. Lets look at it like this....there was a Pokemon green and red, then there was yellow, gold and silver, and the remake of gold and silver which is crystal....then before the new region, hoen was a green and red remake...then ruby and sapphire, and then there was emerald and afer a year or two there was the new region sinnoh with diamond and pearl, then the remake which is platinum, and then they did a gold and silver remake before moving on to the new generation or region.remake wasHrtGold and SoulSilver....now we moved on to the newest region...Unova. So the point is that after every generation....before we move to the newest generation there is a past remake....like there was a remake fo red and green and gold and silver....next up in line for the remakes is Ruby and Sapphire....which will probably be hitting shelves on 2012 spring or summer. Thnx for reading...it means alot to me. X)

Is Pokemon pure silver out yet?

No, and I believe it's called SoulSilver, if you're referring to the remake of Silver version for the DS.

How do you get walrus in soul silver?

There is no such Pokemon named walrus if you mean walrein get any hoenn gba game and migrate them beat the elite4 and go to fuchsia

Does totodile come as a starter Pokemon in any advance games?

No, only in Pokemon gold and silver. Maybe one day they'll remake those games.

Is their going to be a remake of Pokemon Crystal in 2010?

There is no info on a Pokémon Crystal remake for 2010 or any other year in the future however it would stand to reason that they would not be making a remake of Pokémon Crystal due to there being various "Pokémon Crystal" features in the "Pokémon Gold" and "Pokémon Silver" remakes. i don't think they are going to remake Pokemon crystal. they are making HeartGold and SoulSilver, however... oh but it would be awesome if they'd remake crystal as well!

Pokemon platuim where do you get regirock or any of them?

trade them off GBA games if you have it on the GBA game.

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