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Ethane has no structural isomers and hence there is no n-ethane and iso-ethane.

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Structural formula of cellulose?

What is the structural formula of cellulose, and what does it look like?

What is after methane ethane propane and butane?

The sequence goes like this:methane1, ethane2, propane3, butane4, pentane5, hexane6, heptane7, octane8, nonane9, decane10 and so on the formula for working out the hydrocarbon chain isCnH2n+2

What is the name for a four carbon continuous chain alkane?

The fourth of the methane series. Methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, ... Fourth is butane, like in a bic lighter.

What does Ethane look like?

ethane is a clear gas

Is ethane polar?

No, like other hydrocarbons ethane is nonpolar.

Is butane soluble in oil?

Oil is non-polar , as is Butane. Like dissolves like.

Is ethane polar or non-polar?

Like other hydrocarbons ethane is nonpolar.

Is butane an acid or a base?

Neither. Butane, like other hydrocarbons, is neutral.

What is the structural formula for gasoline?

There is no formula for gasoline although many folks think gasoline is all octane (C8H18) it actually contains a wide variety of molecules from butane up. All gasolines and diesels are made up to met performance criteria not composition criteria - like wine tasting and blending the same results can be reached with a number of different components.

When butane evaporates whats left?

Butane is a gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. In the fuel tanks of cigarette lighters, butane welding torches, and most other butane powered heating devices, butane has been compressed to the point that it remains liquid at room temperature. When the trigger of these devices is depressed, a valve opens, allowing butane to escape from the tank, and in doing so, it's pressure drops to atmospheric pressure, and the liquid butane escaping the tank rapidly boils and becomes a gas, which is ignited by an ignition source. Strictly speaking, if the tank contained pure butane, when all the butane has evaporated, all that would be left in the tank is butane gas at atmospheric pressure. If you sprayed liquid butane on your table, and it were completely pure, the liquid would evaporate, leaving nothing behind. In reality, butane fuel is not completely pure, and may contain small amounts of all sorts of contaminants, some of which can be left behind after the butane evaporates. Some of these contaminants like methane, ethane, and propane likely would evaporate away with the butane, but other contaminants, like trace amounts of other petroleum distillates will likely remain after the butane evaporates.

Is ethane a dipole-dipole?

No. Like other hydrocarbons ethane is nonpolar. So the strongest intermolecular forces in ethane are London dispersion forces.

What compounds are in petroleum?

Petroleum is a complex mixture of organic liquids called crude oil and natural gas. Crude oil and natural gas are extracted from the groundon land or under the oceans. It consists of mainly alkanes like methane , ethane, propane and butane.

What is the structural formula for HSH?

H-S-H The molecule is bent like a water molecule. Refer to the related link for an illustration.

How are molecular formulas different from structural formulas?

In molecular formula you see how many atoms of each element the compound contains like C2H5CO2C2H5 (ester) Ethyl ethanoate In structural formula you see how the atoms are arranged like Ethyl ethanoate would be H H O H HC=C-C-O-C=C H H

Is ethane flammable?

Yes, it is very flammable like other hydrocarbons.

What formula is polyethane?

the formula is c2h4 like a normal ethane, however it has the square brackets around it with the 'n' on the bottom right to show that it is polymer. H H l l -C- C- (with the square brackets) l l H H n

What are branched hydrocarbons?

Branched hydrocarbons are structural isomers, this means that they have the same chemical formulas but are in a different configuration. For example take butane with its formula C4H10 this also be written as CH3CH2CH2CH3 this is called the structural formula. You could use this to draw out and you would have the structure of butane. And this configuration is simply called a straight chain due to the way it looks. However with a branched chain it doesn't look like a straight chain, it would look like a straight chain with a 'branch' off it. This is because a carbon atom has moved its location. But the moving of the carbon does not effect how many carbons there are overall. So to draw a branched chain you would use this structural formula;H CH3CH(CH3)2 - the brackets mean that there are two lots of them coming of the CH group. This is called iso-butane or 2-methlypropane. This is a branched chain, and if you draw the butane out then drawn iso-butane next to it you will see where they get the names from. As well as the structure being different, they have different properties such as boiling point, this is because branched chains do not 'pack' as tightly together as straight chains, think about a pack of cards for the straight chains - they lie flush together with not real space this is what is meant by packing. However with the branch chains they don't pack as neatly together so imagine some of the cards are folded and prop the others up so they don't fit snugly. Because of this they don't have as much attraction to each other through the Van der Waals, and have a lower attraction to each other. This means that when heat is applied they can't hold together as well thus leading to a lower boiling point.

Can you see Butane?

As a liquid, it looks like water. As a gas, it is invisible.

What is inside of hand warmers?

Most of them work like lighters with butane.

Does ethane turn bromine water from orange to colourless?

Yes, bromine water tests for double bonds and if they are present (like in an alkane such as ethane) it will change from orange/yellow to colourless.

The difference between stereoisomers and structural isomers?

Structural isomers also called constitutional isomers are different compounds that have same molecular formula but different molecular structure. Structural isomers have same number of each type of atoms but the atoms are connected in a different order in them. Structural isomerism is seen in organic compounds. It can be due to different arrangement of carbon chain, due to different position of functional group on the carbon chain, due to different functional groups that give their family of compounds same molecular formula. Difference in arrangement of atoms is visible if structural formulas are written for compounds having same molecular formula. Like structural isomers, stereoisomers also have same molecular formula. Stereoisomers are not structural isomers. Stereoisomers have their atoms connected in same sequence( same constitution), but they differ in the arrangement of atoms in space. Cis and trans isomers of alkenes are examples of stereoisomers. Carbon chain arrangement, position of functional groups, and everything that could be different in structural isomerism is same here.

What is flexane?

sounds like a mixture of fluorine and hydrocarbon(hexane, like butane, propane) mix.

Mini Butane Torch?

form_title= Mini Butane Torch form_header= Home improvement made easy with a Butane Torch! How many torches would you like to buy?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Have you ever used a Butane Torch before?*= () Yes () No What will you be using the torch for?*= _ [50]

Structural formula of CH3Cl?

It looks just like a regular methane but with a chlorine atom in one of the positions. The outer shell of the chlorine is filled in because it is large.

Is CH3CH2CH2CH3 soluble in water?

No. Butane, like other hydrocarbons, is insoluble in water.

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