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There is something called gray hair as there is both black , white and that hair in between black and white is seen as gray hair.

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What is the plural form of hair?

Hairs. As in, the hairs on my head are aqua colored.

A roan horse is one that has patches?

Roan is a horse coat color pattern characterized by an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body. Horses with roan coats have white hairs evenly intermingled throughout any other color.

Why does not Rafael Nadal cut his hairs?

Because it simply makes him look sexually delicious.

What color is a roan?

A horse with intermixed white and colored hairs of any color is usually called a roan.

What does the ear canal look like?

The ear canal is normally skin-colored and is covered with tiny hairs

Why does beard facial hairs start to grow in clear instead of colored?

hair gets its color because of the air we breathe and the things we walk across that are dirty. mostly things that are microscopic.

What is the number of hairs on a guinea pig?

The answer to this question is simply a lot. There is, sadly, no exact answer to your question, because there are too many variables. Size, breed, even hair color can affect the number of hairs on a guinea pig. For example, for a blonde human, there is an average of 140,000 hairs, whereas a brunette individual may have only 110,000.

Eyebrow hairs are always shorter than hairs on your head because?

Because the hair follicle is only active for a couple of months

Is roan the rarest equine coat color?

(copied from wikipedia) Grulla is a color of horses in the dun family, characterized by tan-gray or mouse-colored hairs on the body, often with shoulder and dorsal stripes and black barring on the lower legs. In this coloration each individual hair is mouse-colored, unlike a roan which is composed of a mixture of dark and light hairs. Probably the only truly rare coat "color" is brindle. The occurance of this coat color pattern is so rare that there is still debate on how it is inherited.

Do girl dogs have pubic hairs?

No. Simply look at a female dog and answer the question for yourself.

Can you eat a nettle?

no because they have stinging hairs

Why your hairs are black?

Likely because of genetics.

Does coloring your hair make you start growing white hairs?

No. White hairs are a function of health and age. It is normal for everyone to have a few hairs of different colors on one's head. This is what gives hair color it's depth and variation. The reason why you notice different color hairs is that after a color process, the regrowth is more obvious against the dyed hair. In short, you had the white hairs before you colored, you just didn't notice them before.

Why are raspberries fuzzy?

They are fuzzy because they have tiny hairs on the outside to help them reproduce. When an animal eats some, the hairs get passed on to the animal. The hairs contain the stamen and pistol.

How many hairs does an African lion have?

There is an unestimated amount of hairs on a lion because every lion has a different number of hairs. If i were to estimate it it would probably be over a million.

Why are eyebrow hairs shorter then the hairs on your head?

because it would look really stupid the other way around :)

How many horse hairs are on a violin bow?

every bow is different because hairs break all the time.

Is it normal to have long pubic hairs on your toes?

No. First because pubic hairs can only grow on the pubis (not toes) and second if the hairs stretch from you pubis to your toes then they are unusually long!

Do web worms sting?

Yes because they have hairs

Why do you have hairs on your legs?

You have hairs on your legs to keep you warm and because we all used to be animals and we have not evolved completely to a stage were we have no hair.

Why do cats tongue feel scrachy?

because its tongue has hairs on it the hairs on the cats tongue is there to help the cat to clean its self

Why does your butt hairs stink?

Because I just took the browns to the superbowl

You want long hair like britney?

Some people can because they have blond and strait hairs with dark golden highlights. Black haired people can dye their hairs and straiten there hairs.

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