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There is a software known as VCD cutter. Clips of MPEG can be cut and saved in 3 types (1)video & audio (2) video only (3) audio only)


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click on import audio or music, and then choose your audio or music.

it is safe to download audio songs from a huge collection of Hindi songs..

Windows Movie Maker (v2.6) can only record narration. Songs/background music have to be imported ready to place on the Audio/music track. Use external audio editing software to fine-tune your audio prior to importing it into the program.

There are applications such as iLike, Imeem and Music Player which allow you to show songs and videos in your profile.

yea i think its "best thing i never had" but there is no music video just audio...

No, you can just copy the audio files onto the MP3. You may have to convert the audio files though.

Import your music. Drag and drop them side-by-side in the Music/Audio track in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker.Remember, there is only ONE audio track to work with in the program, so songs must run consecutively on the track.

The YouTube Audio Library has a great collection of popular and free songs for you to use. Using music from the Audio Library, however, may disqualify you from monetizing videos that contain the soundtrack.

After removing the vocals from stereo songs, you can record your voice and add that audio into the songs with AV Music Morpher Gold.

An Original Xbox and 360 both have to have audio cds in order to download the songs and will not be able to read mp3 cds. To make an audio CD download iTunes and when you start to burn the CD select "Audio CD".

Import your music files into the program. Then drag the audio file to the Audio/Music track (in the Time-line view). You should see the graph-like audio file in the track if you've imported it correctly. Click the Play button on the Preview pane to hear the results.

Apple Music is a streaming music service that brings 60 million songs and lots of exclusive and original content to all subscribers. So, with the subscription of Apple Music, you have the ability to listen to songs from Apple Music across all of your devices with the Apple Music app. Besides, you can also download your favorite tracks from Apple Music and play them offline. All songs from Apple Music exist in the format of AAC files. As they’re protected by a special kind of DRM, you are not able to play them on any device without the Apple Music app. But you can use Tunelf Audio Converter to convert Apple Music and iTunes songs to several popular audio formats but also remove DRM protection from Apple audiobooks and Audible audiobooks.

I install the app on my phone. And I sign in it on my computer. With the assistant of the DRmare iTunes Music Converter for mac, I get the common audio Apple Music songs. So I can send them to my Sony Walkman or other devices for offline listening.

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD SONGS FROM WALMART FOR 88 CENTS EACH. Also, you can record all online music free and directly by the use of a streaming audio capture. But it is only for personal use.

iTunes can format songs into a variety of different formats. By default the songs are encoded in AAC, short for Advanced Audio Coding. It is much like MP3, but sound quality is better. On the other hand not many Digital Audio Players accept AAC; however many are beginning too.

If you want to get songs from 6arab for playing on your iPod, you may need an audio recording tool like TunesKit Audio Capture. It can help you download songs from 6arab and convert your songs to plain audio formats for playing on your iPod.

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Of course! Music Morpher Gold can be used as an advanced music editor. Go here to see more details:

Copy CD music to localhost and convert audio to iPod compatible format(mp3, aac, m4a).

A music CD can be burnt via a computer and a DVD/CD writer disc drive. All that is required is the use of an a few songs, a blank CD and an audio program for example, Windows Media Player. Through the audio program, the select playlist of songs can be burnt onto the CD via the Burnt CD section.

You have to use an audio editor

You can get songs from CDs or from the internet (youtube etc.). For youtube, remember to convert it into audio with conversion websites. Then simply put it into iTunes and sync your ipod. iTunes has it's own music store too.

Mp3 is a file format commonly used for audio files. This is not the only format but is a very common one. An MP3 file, an audio file, is already a song. There is no possible way of converting an MP3 song to an audio song because 'audio' is not a format to convert to.

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