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Getting Around ChexSystems

When a person applies for an account at a bank that uses Chexsystems and is denied, it shows up as an inquiry on your report. Too many inquiries on your report can cause Chexsystems to "flag" your account for suspicious activity. It is very important to know where you can and can not get an approval at prior to applying at a bank.

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  • I was reported to chex system 2 months ago and I'm able to open a second chance Basic Checking account with Compass Bank. It is only $5/month and I get a Visa check card. Lots of banks are starting to offer these kinds of services, you just need to look around. It is a very good way to restart your credit history.
  • All banks are linked through the chexsystem as far as I know. If the balance is still owed, you may not find anyone willing to open an account for you until it's paid off. I believe you will be in Chexsystem for five years, then your name will be removed.
  • There is hope. What you can do is write Chexsystem a letter stating your story. Depending on circumstances you may not be liable under the Fair Reporting Act.
  • Well, I just found out that under most state laws a credit union cannot decline anyone that meets their membership requirements. This means that if you have bad credit they cannot decline you, but they can restrict your services. But if you need a savings account and a place to cash a check then they can do it.
  • Second Chance Checking. Check availability in your area, some banks do offer this program for those of us that have outstanding items with chex systems.

There are several online companies that provide help in finding a bank after you've been reported to ChexSystems.

  • Wells Fargo offers "opportunity checking" which is targeted for people who are on chexsystems, even if you still owe. There is a $12.00 monthly fee, and $2.00 credit if you get direct deposit.
  • Guaranty Bank is one of the few that will open an account if you have 1 or less Chex system reports, as long as you don't owe any money.

To dispute write to:


Chex Systems, Inc.

7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100

Woodbury, MN 55125


By phone at 800-428-9623 or fax at 602-659-2197

If the reinvestigation does not resolve your dispute, you are entitled to request a brief statement be added to your consumer file outlining the nature of your dispute.

A list of non-chexsystems banks is on

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Q: Is there any way around ChexSystems when opening a bank account?
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Can you get a chase bank account if you are on checksystems?

Maybe - there are many factors taken into consideration at account opening, but ,yes you may get an account at Chase when you are on Chexsystems.

Can you have bank account after bankruptsy?

Yes. Bank accounts are not linked to your credit accounts. The only thing that would keep you from opening an account is if you are reported to ChexSystems. You might also have difficulty opening a bank account at a particular bank if you had an account with them before but you had to close it as part of a deal concerning a credit card of theirs. Just make sure you aren't on ChexSystems and you'll be fine, or look for banks that don't use this system if you are. Bankruptcies are not reported to ChexSystems, only your credit reports...

You already have an account with us bank even though you are in chexsystems you want to use a new bank none will take you Does'nt your active account prove anything?


Where can you open a bank account that does not use chexsystems?

There are many banks that do not use chexsystems and there are some that offer second chance checking and make exceptions for those that have been reported to chexsystems.

What bank can you get an account with that doesn't use chexsystems if you had a bad account?

IT really depends on where you live but there are always options

Can you open a savings account if you are on ChexSystems?

Opening A Savings AccountGenerally if a bank uses chexsystems, they will use it to open a savings as well. Sometimes a credit union will open a savings account if you are on chexsystems as long as you are eligible for a membership even if they will not open a checking. Some banks and credit unions do not verify savings accounts through chexsystems so it really depends on the bank or credit union .Right now ING direct is an excellent place if you are looking for a savings ONLY. They will not run chexsystems.related question for more helpAre_there_any_banks_that_do_not_use_Telecheck_or_Chexsystems

Does blackhawk bank use chexsystems?

Yes, Blackhawk Bank does use a Chexsystems product.

Syndicate bank nri account opening form?

Opening account

When opening a bank account is important to review?

There are many things which are important to review when opening a bank account.

Can you open a savings account if you are on chexsystem?

Answer Most banks that use chexsystems will not allow you to open an a savings or a checking account if you have been reported. There are more credit unions that allow those reported to chexsystems to open a savings if you are eligible for membership even if your chexsystems report is stopping you from having a checking with them.There are some Nationwide banks like ING Direct that will allow anyone to open a savings account. They do not use chexsystems at all. Of course ING requires a person to link to an existing checking account. Chances are a person on ChexSystems doesn't have any kind of bank account nor can they get one. So pursuing opening an account with ING is not possible.Paying the debt owed to the reporting bank will NOT remove you from chexsystems. Many times paying off a debt that is owed to the reporting bank(s) can cause you to be reported even longer. The bank or credit union is allowed to report you 5 years from the last date that the account was paid on/or paid off.AnswerEventually it will just be easier to pay off the bank that put you on chexsystems in the first place. Often people get into trouble with overdraft fees, particularly before the 2010 laws, but they still owe the money, and there is really no way out without settling up with that bank.

Can you open a business bank account for your newly formed LLC if you are in chex system for a personal account?

It depends on the bank ..many banks will only run the LLC or Corp name through chexsystems and not the signers. Other banks may not use chexsystems at all

Where can I find information about opening a business bank account?

You can go to your bank where you have your personal bank account and talk with the manager or someone that works there. They can get your started on opening a business bank account.

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