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Wells Fargo is a multinational financial services company who has operations all over the world. Wells Fargo is the twenty fourth largest company in the United States. The company was founded on March 18, 1852 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Does Wells Fargo offer good auto loan rates?

Wells Fargo does offer good auto loan rates. Rates start at 5.24% for new car loans and 5.99% for used car dealer loans and for used car person to person loans.

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Does Wells Fargo offer free checking?

Wells Fargo offers free checking when specified requirements are met. After the initial minimum $100 deposit, there are a variety of plans, each of which have a monthly fee attached. That fee is waived when, for instance, certain balances are maintained or if the customer signs up for direct deposit.

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Is Wells Fargo closed on Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a national holiday, so it is very likely that Well Fargo is closed. Check with your local branch to be sure.

International Adoption
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Is adoption regulated by state or federal agencies?

Adoption RegulationsDomestic adoptions are regulated by state agencies for the most part; the state you live in and, if you adopt from out of state, the state the child is adopted from.

In addition: some states (example: Florida) the state outsources the adoption and foster care services and regulation to local agencies.

International adoptions are a different matter altogether. You have not only state and federal regulations, but you also have to work around the laws of the country from which you are adopting. And every country is different.

With a good adoption agency and/or attorney the governmental red tape should be no problem.

As with any dealings with government regulations, it can be frustrating. Just keep in mind that all of the regulations and hassle is for the benefit and protection of the child(ren).

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Is Wells Fargo bank open today?

Yes they are!

Crescent Firearms
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Syracuse Arms Co shotgun?

Excerpts from The Firing Line Forum and Firearms Forum Questions and answers from Shotgun Tom and WarPig:

The 16-bore Syracuse gun was first listed in Syracuse Arms Company catalogs in 1901 (the 20-bore in 1902), and it was offered in all grades from Grade OO, the lowest, to Grade D, the highest; and ranging in suggested retail price from $30 to $475. Major manufacturing modifications to the frame and barrels occurred in 1902, and again in late 1903 or early 1904; therefore it is difficult for the novice to determine which variation of the Syracuse gun he may own. For assistance in this regard, I suggest you acquire back issues of the Double Gun Journal having articles on the Syracuse gun; as these articles represent the most comprehensive work done to date on the various models of the Syracuse gun and the Syracuse Arms Company. Small bore SAC guns (the 16 and 20) are not very common, as these models were introduced late in the life of the company; and it appears actual production had ceased by mid-1905 (certainly by 1906). Most 16-bore examples seen today are in Grade 0 and Grade 2, both plain models will a small flourish of engraving around the lock pins. The simplest way to determine grade is as follows: The Grade 0 will be roll-stamped "New Twist" for barrel steel type atop the barrels, the Grade 2 gun will have "Improved Damascus" roll-stamped atop the barrels, the Grade 3 gun will have the same barrel steel as the Grade 2 gun but will feature 40-50% line and scoll engraving coverage. The Grade A, A-1, B, C, and D guns will feature finer Damacus barrels for each grade or have optional Krupp barrels (Whitworth with the Grade D gun); and the engraving will be as follows: The Grade A gun will be engraved very similar to the style featured on the Grade 3 gun (line and scroll), the A-1 will have finer line and scroll work and two birds on either side of the frame, the Grade B will feature lots of fine scroll and a single pointing dog on either side of the frame, the Grade C gun will feature very fine scroll with full coverage and dogs and birds, the Grade D will feature the finest scroll with double dogs and birds and unique frame sculpting. Stocks for each grade become more elaborate as to carving and checkering patterns with finer pointed diamonds in the checkering panels. The highest grades are somewhat scarce and collectible, and will bring a decent price if in good original condition (although nothing remotely close to the prices paid for Parkers, Smiths, Lefevers, and Foxes). Low grades with little remaining finish have little value; although there is a limited collector demand for low grade SAC guns with lots of remaining original finishes and no aftermarket alterations. I hope you find this information somewhat helpful.

Production records for the Syracuse Arms Company no longer exist, so there is no way to provide an exact shipping date on your gun. From personal research I can tell you the following: Triplet Steel barrels were first introduced by SAC on their Grade OO gun in 1901. Triplet Steel was SAC's moniker for the type of fluid steel barrels used on this grade gun; and they later used this same barrel steel on a limited run of Syracuse hammer guns introduced in 1904, but these were the only two models of SAC guns advertised as being available with Triplet Steel barrels. The frames of SAC guns were strengthened in 1902 (wider top strap and lengthened frame sides); and their top fastener modified to what SAC advertised as a "double cross bolt". This change occurred around serial number 24,500 (give or take a few numbers either way); adn based on that fact, I would speculate your gun was manufactured in late 1902 or early 1903. In 1902 and 1903, the Grade OO gun was the least expensive SAC gun and carried a suggested retail of $30; not an insignificant sum at the turn of the last century.

Here is more from shotgun expert Russ Ruppel.

I would believe these dates over the ones I posted above, as the website I found the others on had a bnch of information that is screwed up.

Russ is a double shotgun historian and generally knows his stuff.

[quote]I never heard of one marked "New Era" which was a hardware store brand name but I do have a speal on the Real Syracuse Arms guns:

Syracuse Arms Company was founded by Frank Hollenbeck after he left Baker Gun & Forging Company in Batavia, New York, and returned to Syracuse in 1893. Between 1893 and 95 Frank had nine patents assigned to Syracuse Arms Co. The early guns are very tricky to take down, but Frank's patent number 523,813 for a "Movable Cocking Shoulder for Breakdown Guns" made this easier. After a couple of years Frank left to make bicycle seats but the company continued to operate until possibly as late as 1908. The earlier guns are marked "The Hollenbeck" and after Frank left in August 1895 they are often marked "The Syracuse." Syracuse Arms Company guns were made in two series -- the stock guns, which had grades designated by numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3; and the special order guns which had grades designated by letters, A, A-1, B, C, and D. List prices in the 1902 catalogue ranged from $30 for the 00-Grade with Triplet Steel barrels to $475 for the D-grade with either Whitworth Fluid or Damascus barrels. Operating in the Syracuse area the company had access to some of this country's finest engravers in the Glahn family. I briefly owned a straight-gripped B-grade that had some of the best engraving (not in quantity but in execution) I've ever seen on an American gun.

The ejectors for Syracuse Arms Co. were designed by George A. Horne and featured a cut-off to set them to just extract if wanted. Two excellent articles on Frank Hollenbeck were published in The Gun Report -- "The Syracuse Arms Company and Frank Hollenbeck" by the late A.C. Atterbury in the July 1988 issue, and "New Notes of Frank A. Hollenbeck" by H.J. Swinney in the September 1991 issue. I believe they sell back issues -- phone (309) 582-5311.


I would only add that there were about 40,000 made total and value is from $100 for a low grade clunker to about $3500 for a top grade in mint condition of which only about 3 are extant. 20ga are scarce. [?quote]

Certificates of Deposit
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What time does Bank of America post direct deposits?

At approximately 2am on the day it is scheduled to post.

World Currencies
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Will Wells Fargo Bank take Iraq dinar?

I am considering opening an account at Wells Fargo in Tyler TX. Will you be accepting for exchange Iraq Dinar in the near future?

Wells Fargo

What companies accept Home Projects Wells Fargo Visa?

The Home Projects "VISA" from Wells Fargo is not the same as the traditional retail VISA. It can be used up to your credit line with the sponsoring merchant who got you the card. In my case, this was EP Henry.

The card can also be used, up to your credit limit, at other merchants who also participate in this program. Wells Fargo will not divulge who those are, but confirmed that Home Depot, Walmart and Lowes do not participate as a sponsoring merchant. However, the card usually reserves a portion of its limit for regular Visa use. This amount likely depends on your credit rating and overall limit. In my case I have an $8000 limit for Sponsored home projects, and up to $1600 of that limit I can use anywhere Visa is accepted. The interest rate for home projects is set by the sponsor and is usually much better than the basic rate for other purchases. So, I prefer not to use this as a regular Visa.

As such, the card has limited use and should not be considered on par with a home equity line of credit. It is essentially a marketing tool for home improvement vendors to use to help a sale along. Wells Fargo has atrocious customer service and homeowners should think twice before getting in bed with them.

If you do already have a Home Projects card and need to find vendors that will accept the card in your area. Go to Make sure you Inform the vendor that you plan to use this card as your form of payment. tell them also to make sure the technician that comes to your home is aware of the procedures needed to process the payment, as i know from personal experience, just trying to pay for work you have had done can sometimes be very difficult. also note that many times if the payment is not processed by 5:00 pm. (Central time) you may not be able to pay at all and weekends are completely out of the question.

Swift Codes and Routing Numbers
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What is the routing number for Wells Fargo in Texas?

Wells Fargo's routing number is 111 900 659 in all of Texas except El Paso. The routing number for El Paso is 112000066.

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Did Hanover Arms Co make shotguns for Wells Fargo?

No. Hanover Arms was a trade name used by H&D Folsom Sporting Goods on inexpensive shotguns made by Crescent Firearms and a variety of Belgian makers. If you have a double barrel shotgun with Wells Fargo markings, someone has tried to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

/QuestionI have a Wells Fargo 12 gauge made by American Gun Co of New York. It has several authentic markings on the stock. It however, has had the barrels cut off some. Has external hammers. lcjones

American Gun Co is another Folsom trade name. Because all the old western movies showed the stagecoach shotgun as a short-barreled gun, all the fakers cut the barrels. In reality, stagecoach guards would use a standard length (30 or 32 inch) shotgun or a lever action rifle.

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What is the IBAN number for Wells Fargo Bank?

US banks do not use an IBAN. They, instead, use a SWIFT code or ABA. Wells Fargo Bank's SWIFT code is WFBIUS6S and the ABA is 121000248.

-source: Wells Fargo Bank employee

Salary and Pay Rates
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How much does a bank teller make at Wells Fargo?

You start at $10 an hour with possible fifty cent increases every 3 months for completing training (paid training). You top out at $11.50 but you can receive increases on top of that from your end of the year review with good performance in sales and service.

Ummm... I believe that answer depends on the state you live in. All of the tellers at my branch started between $8 and $9 an hour. You do get slight raises yearly but you have to meet all sales goals and that can be really difficult sometimes.

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How does Wells Fargo handle a default on mortgage?

Mortgage lenders foreclose when there is a default on a mortgage.

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Does Wells Fargo offer free online banking?

Wells Fargo does offer free online banking among many other services.They have a great customer service support team that is a phone call away if needed.

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Does Wells Fargo offer cash advance?

Yes if you have a wells Fargo credit card.

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What is the stock symbol for Brigham street society?

The Brigham St. Society is a term invented by Stansberry and Associates -- this is a teaser for LUK. Full details here:

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Who is Wells Tower?

He writes stories and stuff

Wells Tower is an American writer of short stories and non-fiction.

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What is the Wells Fargo mortgage rate currently?

Mortgagerates have many variables. The mortgage rates depend on when you would like to pay the mortgage off. The mortgage rates of Wells Fargo range from 3.083% to 5.328%.

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Did Wells Fargo use American Gun Co 12 gauge shotguns?

Probably not, but the company did own a lot of firearms, so it is remotely possible. American Gun Co shotguns were made by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, and by various Belgian manufacturers and sold through H&D Folsom Sporting Goods of New York. A lot of old utility shotguns have been stamped with a fake Wells Fargo logo and sold at flea-markets as "stagecoach guns", usually with the barrels cut to about 20". Despite what you see in John Wayne movies, a real stagecoach gun would not be a short-barreled shotgun.

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Is Wells Fargo open on good Friday?

Yes, Wells Fargo is open on Good Friday.

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Who is the voice on the tv ad for Wells Fargo?

Not sure which one you refer to, but I am pretty sure the actor Keith Carradine is doing the voice - you might know him as Special Agent Lundy from showtime's Dexter

Riverside Arms
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What is the value of a Riverside shotgun?

The Stevens division of Savage Arms made the Riverside guns from about 1916 to 1930. A utility 16 gauge double in usable condition should be worth around $200, but I'd have a good gunsmith verify that it is in good working order.


If an experienced gunsmith inspects and approves it as a shooter, it would be worth $200+.

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How can someone get Wells Fargo Loans?

You need to get ahold of the Wells Fargo company, and then they should be able to set you up with the Loans that you need. You could always look on their site, too.

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Will Wells Fargo Banks be open on December 31 2010?

Yes, normal business hours. Closed on Saturday.


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