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I personally use - It works like a charm. It cost 30$ but its well worth it.

Cignalspy is a SCAM and DOES NOT work! See websites below:

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Q: Is there any way to have any text messages sent to your husbands phone secretly sent to your computer?
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How can you receive your husbands text messages to your computer?

Ask your cell phone provider.

How do you check messages on your husbands phone?

Wait until he takes a shower then look.

Can you get rid of the messages on your cell phone and computer?


Are there any cordless phones that can save answering machine messages to your computer?

No, there is not a cordless phone that can save answering machine messages to your computer.

How are computer messages sent through a phone?

log into your e-mail on your mobile phone.

Can you save sms messages to your computer from tocco lite phone?


Can you send text messages from your phone to your computer?

No. But you can e-mail

How can you copy text messages from another person's phone without access to that phone?

you ask them to forward it to you. or you secretly grab their phone then forward it to yours, then erase when the message in the sent box.

How can i have my husband's text messages sent to my email?

Is there a free download that allows me to get husbands texts sent to my phone

How do you read text messages for free from a computer?

Have messages sent to your email rather than the phone.

How are computer messages sent across telephone lines?

is a service that converts ordinary text email into phone voice messages. Like ordinary email, the phone voice messages are highly interactive and you can hear, reply-to, save, delete, skip, and send these messages. ''' manages these email-to-phone voice messages in two ways:''' * Outbound - Email messages that are sent to your phone as high-quality, phone voice messages. * Inbound - Email messages that are retrieved as phone voice messages when you dial into the system.

How can you get messages from your husbands phone sent to mine without him knowing?

Here's an idea: respect his privacy. It's impossible anyway.

Can a text message be sent from a cell phone to a computer?

Probably no, because there are services in messangers which allow U to send SMS messages but I don't think that U can send text messages from a cell phone to a computer.)Actually, Yes you can. I sent messages to Facebook all the time. so ignore the last answer. You can send messages to computers using a cell phone.

How can you send text messages from your phone to another phone for free?

you can send an email to a phone from your computer and its free sms and pic messaging

Is it possible to send text messages to your computer from a tracfone?

Well I have a Gmail account and you can send text messages to anyone with a U.S. cell phone.

How can you see text messages that you've already deleted from your phone?

You can't unless you hook up your phone to a computer then you will probably be able to pull up deleted messages.

How do you check my cell phone text messages from home computer?

i think you hav to hav AT&T

How do you transfer sms messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC?

It is not usually possible to transfer sms messages from any phone even a smart phone to a computer. However if the computer can do such as voice over IP then it might be possible. Check the instructions Samsung provide in their manual.

Can you copy and print text messages from a computer?

save to files on your mobile then import files when you plug phone into computer then print...... simples

Is there a way you can permanently delete pictures of your phone?

Connect your phone to a computer and manually delete it. Remember to search through many folders, since thumbnails of it can secretly be saved.

Is there a leagal way my lawyer can get my husbands actual typed text messages and copies of pictures that were sent to another femaleplease help?

You should be discussing this with your lawyer. He could also suggest that you hire a private detective to catch your husband with this female. That in itself will speak volumes and you won't need the text messages or photos. You should be able to track his text messages or pictures through his computer. Ask a friend for help that is computer knowledgeable. If you want to keep this more private, then phone a computer technician in the phone book and ask how you can track the text messages. You don't need to go into detail with him. If he wants to know tell him you left some and need to track them down. Sorry you are going through this.

How to get a print out of someone text messages?

If you need to print text messages it depends on the kind of cell phone you have. If you have a windows mobile htc cell phone then there is software available that helps you link up the phone to the computer and print it out the messages. You need the correct data cable though. If you're in a rush and need your messages printed for court or something and can't mess around with the evidence, you might try this company below. They do this stuff all the time.You could try highlighting the text message on the cell phone and email it to yourself. Then open it on your computer and just print it.Just Try How to print Text Messages software to print out messages.

How is your INFO set up on police records for phones can police see every text message including apps messages if my parents give cops my phone?

The text messages are stored on the network's computer - NOT your phone. They are simply downloaded to your phone when they're received. The police simply need to serve a warrant on the company, to have them print out your messages. The don't need your phone !

How can you recover text messages from cell phone?

You need a computer program to recover the messages unless you use a mobile which either 'sync's' or 'backsup' to a computer. If it does either of these then you should be able to get to your messages that way. You can also take it to a specialist mobile shop and they might be able to retrieve messages dependant on the make and model of the mobile.

You want to find your wifes sent text messages online how do you do that?

No it's not possible, unless you connect the phone to the computer.