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I've asked my friend, a lecture in Electronics Engineering, he said that overcharging is the main cause that leads a battery to failure (neither it's NiMh, NiCd, or LiPo) or shorten its life, not the "memory effect" itself. Overcharging can cause crystal to be built in the battery cell/cells. The more we overcharging it (longer the time or do it several times) the more the cell/cells will be broken. If you only overcharged it once, its still be ok. If you have LiPo battery, I suggest you yo buy a balancer to be use with your charger. It will prolong battery service. There are several way to repair broken battery. I've read that we can short-circuiting Ni-Cd battery in order to get it back to work, but the chance is only 50%. So it's definitely NOT a choice. The latest news I heard is we can use a smart charger-balancer that can "fix" broken cells in LiPo battery.

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Q: Is there any way to repair an airsoft gun battery that was accidentally charged with the incorrect charger?
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What can you be charged with for shooting someone with an airsoft gun in the state of Indiana?

Assault and battery would be the basic charges.

Is it ok to charge your airsoft battery with a smart charger if the battery isn't dead?

Yes, once it is completely charged the smart charger will cut off power.

How long do you charge a 7.2v airsoft battery?

About 4-5 hours. You can purchase a smart charger that has a light that turns green when the battery is fully charged as well.

How do you know when cm 023 airsoft gun is charged?

You need to buy a smart charger or voltmeter to determine the charge of the battery.

Why isn't my airsoft gun battery working i just got donie charging it and now it don't work?

you over charged it

Is there an airsoft gun that has a built in battery?

I don't know of any airsoft guns with built in batteries, but if there were any it would be extremely inconvenient. The nice thing about airsoft gun batteries is that they are rechargeable, and that they can be replaced with fully charged ones between games.

What do you do when your airsoft gun is not shooting while a fully charged battery is and connected the safety is off and it won't even make a sound?

check the wires.

Does electric airsoft guns need to be charged?


How bad is the damage when an airsoft gun's battery is overcharged?

Well it's pretty bad I have gone through 2 battery's because I forgot it on the charger I now have a smart charger. I highly recommend getting one because they have a sensor that knows when the battery is charged.

How much to charge 700mah 4.8v nicd battery?

Well i charge mine for 2 hours. For me the battery was in an airsoft gun magazine when i was younger. I remember that i over charged it and it broke so i wouldnt go over 2 hours. hope that helps.

Is a Gel battery charged differently from a Wet battery?

No. They are charged the same way.

Can a battery be charged while remaining connected to the car battery cables?

Yes. A battery can be charged while in the vehicle.