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As a master gardener, I have asked myself this same question, as you may or may not know if you remove two thirds of a trees life that tree is going to die, the sad part is I have many everygreens that I have in the same condition, and have not put forth the effort in saving, it is on the top of my list to do. First thing you need to ask yourself does this tree pose any threat to any building or people, how tall is your tree it takes time to save a tree, if your tree is less than 20 feet tall, open the ground around the trunk, you want to open the ground as wide as the tree is wide,put some mulch around and below the ball of the tree, once you have done this the next step is to feed the tree, evergreen miracid mix a 5 gallon bucket and feed it every 2 weeks you can just spill it out or you can put a small valve in the bottom of the bucket and let it drain out. your tree should after about 2 months begin looking a little better that will be 4 feedings, If the tree is larger than 20 feet you should use 2 five gallon buckets. This is a very slow process.

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Q: Is there any way to save an evergreen tree if two-thirds of the tree has no needles?
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What evergreen has long needles and does not shed its needles?

The pine tree.

What kind of leafs does an evergreen tree have?

pine needles, not leaves.

Why is a pine tree evergreen?

Because its needles are better adapted for the weather.

What kind of tree keeps it needles all year?

An evergreen tree, pine, christmas, you get the picture.

What are the similarities between a pine tree and a fir tree?

Both are evergreen softwoods and have needles and bear cones.

Why do evergreen trees have needles all year round?

they get a lot of food and water from the tree.

Is cedar tree deciduous or evergreen?

Evergreen, but often killed (turns brown) by pesticides, bagworms, and bad weather. If your cedar tree loses it's needles it will never regrow them.

Which trees leaves do not fall?

Evergreen needles fall throughout the year so do not appear to drop their leaves as a deciduous tree does.

Why do coniferous forests not lose their needles?

Coniferous trees do not lose their needles because they are called "evergreen" trees which means the tree stays green for ever!

What has evergreen tree?

what is evergreen tree

Whats an evergreen tree?

Evergreen refers to trees that normally retain most of their foliage (needles) through the winter. Trees that do shed their leaves are known as deciduous.

Why a banyan tree has prop roots?

Well if the evergreen has needles then it is a deciduous so it will grow the same height. If it doesn't have needles then it won't really be the same height.

Are evergreen tree needles poisonous to dogs?

Not pine, cedar, balsam etc. Some, such as Yew or Podocarpus would be.

Is there a Evergreen tree that loses its needles in the fall?

Yes, there is, and it is the Larch. The species found in the U.S. is called the Tamarack Larch.

How evergreen pine trees survive in cold climate without losing their leaves?

Evergreen Pine trees do not have leaves,the are pine needles and the shape of the tree helps it to shed snow.

a spruce tree ia a an and a maple tree is a an?

A spruce tree is a coniferous evergreen (pine needles and cones) and most maple trees are deciduous (leaves fall off).

Are evergreen trees green forever?

yes. Strictly speaking the leaves or needles do not survive forever but live and drop thro out the year so althought the tree appears to be evergreen it simply always has most of it's leaves or needles on all year.

Are there any deciduous evergreen trees?

The terms "deciduous" and "evergreen" are mutually exclusive; either a tree drops its leaves for some part of the year or it doesn't. One tree that confuses some people is the Tararack Larch, which is a conifer with cones and "needles" and looks like an evergreen; but every autumn the tamarack drops its needle-like leaves and grows them back in the spring. It is the deciduous tree that perhaps most looks like an evergreen.

What kind of tree is a pine tree?

A pine is one of about 115 species of tall green tree with green needles sticking/pointing out. Technically a pine is an evergreen (does not shed its needles in the fall) coniferous tree. Its Latin name is genus Pinus of family Pinaceae (subfamily Pinoideae).

Is Banyan tree a deciduous or evergreen tree?

evergreen tree

What are the white puffy things on your evergreen tree... The puffy things look like the seeds of a cottonwood but have appeared on your tree that has needles. What are they?

they may be......afids

Is a Holly Tree an Evergreen tree?

yes...a holly tree is an evergreen tree...

Douglas fir tree of Oregon?

The Douglas fir tree is Oregon's state tree. It is a tall evergreen timber tree of Northwest North America, having short needles and egg-shaped cones.

Is rubber tree evergreen or not?

Yes, the rubber tree is an evergreen tree.

Is mahogany an evergreen tree?

Yes, it is an evergreen tree.