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Q: Is there any way to turn xbox live gamerscore into Microsoft points?
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Can you turn an offline Xbox 360 in to a live account and keep the Gamerscore?

Yes your gamerscore will be the exact same as it was before you made your live acount

What do i do when every time i get an achievement my gamerscore goes to zero and then i turn my xbox off then back on i have the gamerscore minus the achievement i just got?

Just recover your account, your profile is corrupted.

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Unplug your PC.

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You can't. You can only turn your skill points into guild points by pressing "U" for the guild window and then clicking the heart button.

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i dont really know

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Depends on the version of word

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An individual can use Microsoft Street and Trips to plan a route to whatever destination one is headed, gives an accurate map of the city, and gives turn by turn directions.

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