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Yes I am.

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When was Jefferson Davis alive?

During the Civil War. Jefferson Davis lived from June 3, 1808 and he died on December 6, 1889.

Could Jefferson Davis really be Thomas Jefferson?

No. There is no way that Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis were the same person. The reasons are thusly: Jefferson was born April, 3, 1743 and he died July 4, 1826. Davis was alive during the Civil War.

Is there anyone that's alive that is related to Jackie Robinson?

No there's not anyone related to Jackie Robinson.

Is Billy Davis Jr alive?

Yes, Billy Davis Jr. is alive.

Is anyone related to Blaise Pascal alive today?

Yes, I am related to him. My family did some research on it recently.

Is Mac Davis the singer dead or alive?

Mac Davis the singer is thankfully alive:)@-@

Is Jim Davis the creator of Garfield dead or alive?

Jim Davis is still alive... not dead.

Do Jefferson Davis have any slave descendants?

Yes! Of Course he does he is white you know not to be racist but he did live in the south and had slaves and some our actually alive to this very second

Was Thomas Jefferson alive during colonial times?

Yes. Thomas Jefferson was alive during this period of time.

Is Boss Hog from Dukes Of Hazzard still alive?

Sorrell Booke who played the role of J.D. (Jefferson Davis) Hogg passed away February 11, 1994 .

Is Georgia Davis still alive?

Yes she is still alive

Is LaVan Davis dead?

No LaVan Davis is not dead he is still alive.

Can goddesses and gods be related to anyone today?

Yes. A demigod is half human half god so a demigod (alive today) is related to a god.

Is Cullen davis still alive?

T. Cullen Davis was still alive in 2014. He was the wealthiest person in the history of the US to be tried for murder.

Is Ann B Davis still alive?

Yes, Ann B. Davis is still alive, but she is around about in her 70's This answer was written in 2011

Does Thomas Jefferson have descendants alive today?

NO he does not have any descendants alive today

Is Thomas Jefferson still alive?

No, he was the 3rd president of the United States of America, and died on July 4, 1826. The only way Thomas jefferson would be alive is if someone else BESIDES the 3rd president was also name Thomas Jefferson, he would be alive.

Is Miles Davis still alive?

Miles Davis died on September 28, 1991 from a stroke.

Is bette Davis alive?

She died in September of 1989.

When did Angela Davis died and how?

No, she is still alive and teaching.

Is Cassi Davis dead?

No she is alive

How was Meriweather Mewis paid by Thomas Jefferson?

Um, no. Thomas Jefferson wasn't even alive at the time.

When did Belva Davis die and where?

She is alive and well in San Francisco.

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