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Q: Is there anyone who can elaborate on what reincarnation is?
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What is the difference between reincarnation flowers from flowers?

You need to elaborate more on the question

Who are you in your past life?

there is certain beliefs, reincarnation is one. If you belive in reincarnation you could have been anyone or anything

Does Ishtar end up with anyone?

She ends up marrying Darres and has two boys. One of her sons is the reincarnation of Duzell <3

Did the reincarnation of King Arthur happen?

There is no evidence that anyone has been reincarnated, and King Arthur is more myth and legend than fact, so there is no evidence that King Arthur (or anyone else for that matter) has been reincarnated.

How does a civilization change today?

Why can't people elaborate. How is anyone supposed to answer a complicated sociological inquiry that is phrased as a six word question

When was My Reincarnation created?

My Reincarnation was created in 2010.

What animals can return after souls reincarnate?

The main religion which suggests that there is such a possibility of souls engaging in various cycles of reincarnation also suggested that a soul can transmigrate through various organisms. By the recognized theology of reincarnation all animals/creatures/humans can reincarnate into anyone of the millions of species of life in existence today.

What part of speech is reincarnation?

The word reincarnation is a noun, or occasionally a noun adjunct (e.g. reincarnation beliefs).

What do Muslims believe in reincarnation?

do Muslims belive in reincarnation

Reincarnation is that a true?

There is no scientific evidence that reincarnation occurs.

The ancient Egyptian civilization is known for?

building elaborate tombs

What is the comparative and superlative of the word elaborate?

more elaborate and most elaborate

What is the superlative and comparative form of elaborate?

most elaborate, more elaborate

What is the comparative of elaborate?

more elaborate

Are there anyone out there that ever thinks about when you die being able to go back knowinglyto the time you were born and starting over again could this be a type of reincarnation?

There are people out there that believe in this.

Can it be proven reincarnation?

In Science, nothing is proven. The only tool of Science is disproof. Can reincarnation be disproven? Reincarnation = milk from dead cows

What are the major teachings of Hinduism?

reincarnation and karma reincarnation and karma

Where did reincarnation originate from?

Reincarnation originated from another dimension of understanding.

Why does reincarnation occur?

Reincarnation is the route we take to perpetual Life.

Do modern Catholics believe in reincarnation?

No, Catholics do not believe in reincarnation.

WhIch belief doesn't believe in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is not of Islam beliefs.

When was Reincarnation in Venice created?

Reincarnation in Venice was created in 1979.

How is Elena related to Katherine?

In the books they are not related at all as far as what was written. What was originally thought, was that Elena was the reincarnation of Katherine, but this was before anyone knew she was in the tomb underneath fells church

What are the good things about reincarnation?

According to certain religions, reincarnation can provide a new beginning to someone because reincarnation is being reborn into another state.

Which religions believe in reincarnation?

Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs believe in reincarnation.