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Is there anything WikiAnswers can't answer?


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2008-08-28 21:36:07
2008-08-28 21:36:07

Well Wikianswers is not a magic 8 ball, WA doesn't actually answer the questions. People in the WA community answer the questions. Anyone who sees a question that they know the answer to can answer it. So I am sure there are a handful of question that people have submitted that cannot be answered. But the community does their best to answer all questions that they can!

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Because the owners of WikiAnswers decided to make the rules that way.

No, Wikipedia and WikiAnswers are not affiliated.

you cant by the makers of wikianswers

Using WikiAnswers does not cost anything. It is free.

Anyone with a question that has access to WikiAnswers. question: i cant post a question on wiki.. help me out. how to do it.??

The 'Community Q&A' is the part of, which is WikiAnswers, where anyone can ask anything, and anyone can answer anything. Community Q&A is the same thing as WikiAnswers.

Wikianswers is a wiki, not a person and therefore cannot technically know anything. All answers provided are from people who use the site.

They cannot be said on WikiAnswers either. Cussing is against the rules of WikiAnswers website.

Maybe your computer doesn't have the right software.

it can give you the right questions.

your security code is only known to you so it cant match because wikianswers doesnt know.

They do; it just takes longer than expected.

It can. Many people on WikiAnswers answer math questions.

You can ask anything as long as it's not innapropriate. I can't gurenantee it will get answered though.

Techinally, no. WikiAnswers does not answer things. That is because WikiAnswers is just merely a website, and it is not capable of answering questions. However, users on the site answer qestions, and they do answer a lot of things.

Anything! someone in the world is bound to know the answer!

WikiAnswers does not manufacturer anything.

well you can ask anything really

Wiki answers is always unreliable.

Because you can ask Wikipedia questions and have them answered and WikiAnswers tells you anything but Wikipedia can be limiting.

That is not true. WikiAnswers has answers for a bunch of stuff. Maybe the stuff you searched no one has answered yet.

You cant edit someone else's content on YouTube, Its not like WikiAnswers.

You can. There has been no changes to stop answers.

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