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What to do After Defeating Pokemon LeagueGo to the battle frontier And unlock crazy other things AnswerHECK YES! Theres the battle frontier, latios/latias, the regis, groudon, kyogre, new johto Pokemon in the safari zone expansion. Answeryou can find a sudowoodo lv40 on the battle frontierafter passing sudowoodo surf down the waterfall and keep goingleft you find a cave called artisan cave its chok full of smeargle
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Q: Is there anything to do on Pokemon Emerald when you defeat the Pokemon League?
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How do you unlock or to get to battle tower island pokemone emerald?

Defeat the Pokemon league

How do you catch a Dialga when you press flee?

If you defeat, flee, or capture Dialga before you defeat the Pokemon League, it will appear after you beat the Pokemon League. If you defeat it a second time or if you defeated it after the Pokemon League, it will keep regenerating after you defeat the Pokemon League. If you don't defeat the Pokemon League then it won't reappear. REMEMBER: YOU MUST DEFEAT THE POKEMON LEAGUE FIRST.

Where do you go after you beat the sootopolis city gym in Pokemon emerald?

Surf to Evergrand city through the victory road and defeat the Pokemon league

What will i do after cathing Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Anything tbh you can defeat the Pokemon league again or catch other rare Pokemon:)

Do still need to defeat the Pokemon league to find a relicanth in emerald?

You don't need to defeat the Pokemon league to find relicanth in emerald version you can find it anytime underwater near Mossdeep city its very rare to find though so you may have to stay in the grass underwater for a long time.

When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?

no no

Can you unlock anything by defeating the Pokemon league in Pokemon heart gold?

yes after you beat them you can defeat ash, his Pokemon are level 80, after you defeat him then you can go to a whole another region! Johto

What do you have to do on Pokemon emerald before you battle Wallace?

As Wallace is the Champion of the Pokemon League in Emerald, you must first: Visit the Sky Pillar and tame Groudon/Kyogre Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders Defeat the Elite 4

What Pokemon do you need to defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon with fighting type moves

How do you get surf in emerald version of Pokemon?

defeat Norman

How do you get fly in Pokemon emerald?

defeat winona first

How do you defeat emerald city on Pokemon in Game Boy?

That makes no sense. Do you mean how do you beat Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy?

How do you defeat the Eleite 4 on Pokemon Emerald?

stupid question. ill tell u how. use ure Pokemon to defeat them

How do you get all the gym badges on Pokemon emerald?

Defeat all of the Gym leaders on Emerald. ~KKMG1

How do you end Pokemon Emerald?

you must catch all Pokemon and defeat the elite 4.

How do you get to Gary at the Pokemon league in Pokemon firered version?

defeat the Elite Four at the indigo league

How do you wim the Pokemon league in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can defeat the Pokemon League by defeating the Elite Four and the Champion in Pokemon Soul Silver.

What Pokemon is best Pokemon to defeat 7th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

Any Pokemon with ice or electric moves

How do you get HM move dive in Pokemon Emerald?

defeat the mossdeep city gym leaders and you will receive it after their defeat.

Where do you find Cynthia Pokemon Diamond?

Cynthia is the Pokemon League Champion, and she appears after you defeat the Elite League (The first 4 people). You have to defeat her to become the champion.

How do you defeat elite four in emerald with low level Pokemon?

Maybe you have to have a great move on your pokemon

How do you defeat brawley in Pokemon emerald?

He's fighting type? Use psychic or flying pokemon.

How can you defeat darkghost Pokemon on Pokemon emerald version?

try using bug type moves.

How do you defeat maxie in pokemon emerald?

Use a bunch of Water- Type Pokemon. That should do the job.

How do you get to the Elite Four in Pokemon Emerald?

You must defeat the eight gym.