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Get some typical brown tea (orange pekoe) bags, wet them, and put them on your bruises. Soak your bruises in these. The tannic acid in the tea will help the bruises heal a lot faster. This works for any bruises.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 23:15:08
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Q: Is there anything you can do to get rid of the bruising faster that is caused by liposuction?
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Liposuction demands a lot from Plastic Surgeons. They have to remove just the right amount of fat and ensure that the area that is treated is not left bumpy. These days modern liposuction equipment gives Plastic Surgeons greater control. Procedures such as laser and vaser liposuction have led to improved results and a faster recovery for Patients. Beyond cosmetic improvement, liposuction does have other risks. It is an operation just like any other. Other risks include, but are not limited to.. bruising and swelling of the treated area ( this will happen) infection lumpy appearance to the operated area risks associated with anaesthesia haematoma In good hands liposuction can achieve tremendous results and it can inspire people to take better care of themselves Maybe

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