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When my husband was an alien he had a social security #. When he became a US Citizen he still has the same SS#.

2006-08-14 20:56:28
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Q: Is there anyway a person can use the alien number to work or get a social security card?
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Who was the first person to get a social security number?

The first person to receive a social security number is actually unknown. See Related Links.

If you get hurt at work do you have to give insurance company a social security number?

A person with a "crooked" social security number was asked for it.

How do you find who owns the social security number?

You are given a social security number the day you are born. You do not choose it. It is automatically yours to own forever. Every individual has their very own social security number that they own until they die. This is why it is important to take care of your social security card. If it is stolen, the person who has it can steal your identity and use it anyway they want, If you lose your social security card, notify the social security office as soon as possible. That person who stole it now ha become you, with regards to finances and you will be responsible for theft if you do not report it immediately to the banks and stores and everyone else you do business with.

How can you find out if a Social Security number belongs to the right person?

You can verify if a name matches with a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration.

What channel is SSN?

social security number of an individual person in the united states see * social security@ social

How do you find out a person's Social Security Number?

In the US, to get a person's Social Security Number you must ask them for it, but they don't have to tell you unless you are their employer. Social Security Numbers are not public information and there is no place where you can go to get the number of a living person, other than to that person or their legal guardian.

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

What if I have been using a wrong social security number?

The people will take money out you account and you will have to give the money to the person who social security number you was using

How would a person obtain a free social security number verification?

One can obtain a free social security number verification through the official website of the United States Social security. There is a link on their website to register for a number.

When employers ask for a signed social security number card who has to sign it?

The person to whom the social security card and number belongs. Chances are you have already signed it.

Who is the person that their social security was number 1?

The "lowest" social security number (001-01-0001) was the one issued to Grace D. Owen of Concord, New Hampshire the first three digits of social security numbers are used as identifiers for where a person was born

How do you buy a Social Security number?

You don't buy a social security number. You go to your local social security office and apply to receive your own personal social security number.Buying a social security number is against the law.

Can illegal person get a job at stores?

If you have a fake social security number...

How do you find out family card number?

A person can find out their family members social security card number by asking the family member. A social security number should be kept confidential.

What state starts with 459 For social security?

A social security number that starts with 459 was issued in Texas from 1936 to 1988. It indicates where the number was issued, not where the person was born.

Can your husband use some of your social security points to get his disability?

Absolutely not! Social Security Benefit amounts are determined by how much was earned for each person. The amount shows up under your social security number only. He has his own social security number along with his own earnings.

Can someone use their Social Security number to connect a phone for someone else?

Your Social Security number is yours to use for a lifetime. If you find out that someone else has used it notify the Social Security Office immediately. No one can use their Social Security number to connect a telephone for another person. It is their own personal number for their use only for their lifetime.

What is the example of employment certificate?

social security number social security number

In what case would a person not have a social security number when a alien registration number has been obtained?

Correction I'm answering my own question,what would a LAPD cop do with your Social Security Number.

How do you find where someone is employed using their social security number?

You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

Who do you contact if a person is using a dead persons social security number?

the police

How do you write your social security number?

Social Security Number, also known as SSN, is a nine-digit number issued to track individuals for Social Security purposes. All types of Social Security cards show Social Security Numbers.

What state issues Social Security numbers beginning with 214?

The State identifier depends on what span of years the number was issued. Typically, the State Identifier is where the person lived at the time (the specific date) when the Social Security Number was issued. The Social Security Administration can tell you about your SS Number, if you cannot remember what State you lived in when you (or your parents) originally applied for your Social Security number.

How can you have your social security number changed?

Contact social security.

How many digits are there in a social security number?

There are nine numbers in a Social Security number.