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Is there anywhere service dogs are not permitted?

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Note: "Seeing Eye" is a brand name of guide dog. This answer applies to all guide dogs and all service dogs. Generally guide, hearing and service dogs are permitted to accompany their disabled owner everywhere members of the public are allowed, but there are a few exceptions. For example, a member of the public would be permitted in the dining area of a restaurant, but not in the kitchen. Therefore, a guide dog would be permitted to accompany his disabled owner in the dining area of a restaurant. It is also an important distinction to note that it is the handler who has access rights and not the dog. A guide dog without his blind handler has no particular access rights of his own and neither does a hearing dog or other service dog without his disabled handler. "Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. This federal law applies to all businesses open to the public, including restaurants, hotels, taxis and shuttles, grocery and department stores, hospitals and medical offices, theaters, health clubs, parks, and zoos." -- U.S Department of Justice.

For clarification, contact the U.S. Department of Justice's ADA Information Line at 800 - 514 - 0301 (voice) or 800 - 514 - 0383 (TTY) In the U.S., according to the Department of Justice's Business Brief concerning Service Animals, business owners/managers can ask 2 specific questions. 1) Is this a service dog required because of a disability? and 2) What task(s) is the dog trained to perform? If these questions are not appropriately answered, the business may exclude the animal, but not the person. Though service animals of all kinds can legally accompany their disabled handler almost anywhere the handler goes, they can be excluded from areas where their presence would constitute either a fundamental alteration of goods and services available for all or a direct threat to safety. Examples where a service animal might be excluded include:

-Sterile rooms, such as operating rooms, some areas of emergency rooms/departments, some ICU rooms, some ambulances, some delivery rooms (on a case-by-case basis)

-Clean rooms where microchips are manufactured

-Places where food is prepared (though they cannot generally be excluded from dining areas where food is present) (by order of most health departments)

-Open air zoological exhibits, such as open air aviaries (at the zoo's discretion)

-Churches (at the church's discretion)

-Native American Tribal Council Chambers (at the council's discretion)

-Federal Courts (at the judge's discretion)

-Private clubs (at the club's discretion)

-Private homes (at the home owner's discretion)

So far, this discussion is centered entirely on laws of access in the United States of America. Other countries will have their own laws in place regarding the access rights of individuals accompanied by a service animal. ---- = = The most reliable source of information on this topic would be to call the United States Department of Justice's Americans with Disabilities Act Hotline toll-free at 800-514-0301 (voice) or 800-514-0383 (TDD). The ADA protects access rights of disabled service dog handlers. There are certain places where having a dog might propose a health risk and service dogs would not be allowed in these areas. These areas include Critical Care units and restaurant kitchens. A service dog would be allowed in the restaurant, but not in the food prep area. The service would be allowed in a regular hospital room but not the ICU.

Private clubs and religious organizations may also choose to not allow service dogs. This is up to the organization, they are exempt from the ADA.

By law, seeing eye-dogs are allowed everywhere. Except roller coaster I would imagine. They are allowed in restaurants and anywhere the owner goes as long as they have their service vest on.

2017-09-05 07:51:34
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Are pets allowed in practicing doctor's office not service dogs?

Whether a pet is allowed is a human doctor's office will depend on that office and their policies. Service Dogs are legally permitted.

Where are service dogs allowed?

A service dog is allowed to go anywhere where the human its guiding or helping is going. Another Answer: As long as they are wearing their service vests, service dogs are allowed almost everywhere. These dogs are with people to protect them, and they cannot do that if they are not allowed to go everywhere with their owners. So, they can go in malls, shops, restaurants, and almost everywhere else, except a roller coaster I would expect. When you see a no dogs allowed sign, it usually says except service dogs. (*EDIT BY RW 1/7/2015* The above answer by Porkchop1802 is incorrect. Service dogs are not required to wear any form of identification as per ADA law. Also, these dogs are not with people to "protect" them - actually protection training or any form of aggression would disqualify a dog as a service animal. Service dogs cannot be aggressive in any way because the public has the absolute right to feel safe around them. Service animals perform trained tasks, that their disabled owner cannot do themselves, that's directly related to and mitigates their disability. Service dogs are legally allowed to go anywhere the general public is permitted to go.

Can dogs travel on domestic flights in Australia?

Yes. Service dogs are permitted on board with passengers with most domestic airlines, while pets must be secured in cages in a special freight area.

Can you take your service dog to work with you?

Yes, you can. Under federal law, service dogs are allowed anywhere that humans are allowed to go (excluding hospitals).

Are dogs by law allowed into restaurants?

No. The ADA requires that service dogs be permitted. Outside of that, restaurants are free to make their own rules, so long as they comply with applicable local health code requirements.

Can a Cockatoo be a service animal?

As of March 2011, only dogs, and in special cases mini horses, can legally be service animals under Federal ADA Law. Links are not permitted, so please Google "Service Animal ADA Revision"

Are service dogs allowed in a doctors office?

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, service dogs and their owners are allowed to go anywhere that the public is allowed to go. That means that since the public can be allowed into a doctor's office, a service dog, as long as the owner is with it, can be allowed there as well.

Where can one donate money to help train service dogs?

One can donate money to help train service dogs online on websites, such as National Association of Service Dogs, Freedom Service Dogs and Dogs for the Disabled. Service dogs can be trained to perform different tasks.

Do service dogs have to be cerified?

No, there is no such thing as certification for service dogs.

Can a goat be a service animal?

No. As of March 2011 only Dogs, and in special cases mini horses, can legally be service animals under Federal ADA law. Links are not permitted here, so please Google "Service Animal ADA Revision" for further verification. "

How many dogs are you allowed to own in Celebration FL?

You are allowed to own four dogs and breeding is not permitted.

Are guide dogs allowed anywhere?

Yes, guide dogs are allowed almost anywhere, pets are the ones the arent.

Can two dogs ride the Greyhound Bus Lines with you?

Animals are not permitted on commercial bus lines, including Greyhound. unless they are "service animals" such as a seeing-eye or hearing-ear dog.

Is public nudity allowed in Texas?

"Public" nudity is not permitted anywhere in the US.

Do Service Dogs bark at people for no reason?

No service dogs are trained not to bark.

Do service dogs need to be certified?

No, the ADA does not require Service Dogs to be certified.

How many dogs are you permitted to own in Canandaigua New York?


Were do dogs live?

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Should service dogs be on leashes in restaurants?

service dogs need to be on a leash in a restaurant

Can a rental home deny multiple service dogs?

It depends on if the person can show disability status and possibly the state you live in. You may request documentation that the person is legally disabled (but may not pry into the particulars of their disability). If they are legally disabled (substantial impairment of one or more major life activities) they are allowed to have one or more service dogs. Some people actually use two service dogs at the same time. Some people maintain an alternate in case something happens to their main service dog. In some states service dogs in training are allowed anywhere service dogs are and thus must be allowed- it is not uncommon to have one in training while an older one works. If a medical professional writes a letter that the dogs are needed for a medical reason, under the Fair Housing Act you must allow them even if they aren't service dogs or service dogs in training. These are generally called emotional support animals.

Can you take a service animal to a hotel?

Service animals are permitted to accompany their disabled owners any place where the general public are permitted to go, including hotels and motels. Lodging establishments are not permitted to charge extra for the service animal or to require a deposit. However, the owner of the service animal would still be responsible for any damages done to the facilities. A representative of the hotel or motel is permitted to inquire as to what the dog is trained to do to mitigate the owner's disability. If the dog is not trained to perform specific tasks, then it is not a service dog and they are not required to permit it.

What percentage of service dogs are therapy dogs?

Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs are very different. Service Dogs undergo extensive training to master a task or series of tasks to assist an individual (like detecting seizures, or leading the blind). They are able to accompany their "person" anywhere under the ADA Act. Therapy Dogs may or may not have training, it can vary by state, some states require certifications, while others do not. Regardless of whether a therapy dog has training they do NOT fall under the ADA Act, they must be invited anywhere they go. Therapy Dogs are usually used for comfort and/or entertainment and maybe invited into Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospitals etc.... Emotional Service Animals/Dogs are not Therapy Dogs or Service Dogs, no training is required to be an Emotional Support Animal. The individual typically has a doctors note that the animal brings them comfort in stressful situations, but they do not need any training. Like Therapy Dogs Emotional Support Animals must be invited to go places where pets are typically not invited.

Why are guide dogs allowed to go anywhere?

guide dogs can go anywhere a normal person could go. guide dogs are there to help a blind person get to where they need to go

Can platypuses be kept as pets in the US?

No. platypuses are not permitted to be kept as pets anywhere in the world.