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No there is not! Enjoy1

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Is there caffeine in fanta orange?

Fanta Orange is caffeine-free.

How many calories are in strawberry Fanta?

There are about 120 calories in 8oz of strawberry Fanta.

Is there caffeine in Fanta cherry soda?

No, There is no caffeine in any of the Fanta Soda products.

How much caffeine in fanta?

For some reason Fanta does not contain Caffeine "CAFFEINE FREE".So drink up :D

What taste better orange fanta or strawberry fanta?

You should decide yourself :)

Does orange Fanta contain caffeine?

No, it does not.

Does fanta soda have caffeine?

There is no caffeine found in Fanta because is caffeine-free; however, there is a significant amount of sugar contained within.NoHowever, unlike the standard practice, for some reason Fanta Zero does not contain the words "Caffeine Free" or "No Caffeine" above its nutritional label. However, in really light white print above the Fanta Zero logo on the left hand side are the words "CAFFEINE FREE".fanta is carbinated. it doesn't realy have cafeen but it has loads of sugar witch makes you feel happy and hiper.cafeen

Is fanta orange caffeine free?


How much sugar is in one can of strawberry fanta?


What is the difference between Dr. Pepper soda and Strawberry Fanta soda?

strawberry drpepper

Does strawberry tea have caffeine?

No herbal tea does not have caffeine.

Is there caffenine in fanta grape soda?

Fanta soda products including their apple, berry, grape, lemon, orange, pineapple, and strawberry sodas do not contain any caffeine. This is great for those who have a sweet tooth and like the fizz of carbonated sodas, but are trying to stay away from caffeine. Other noteworthy sodas without caffeine: Mug Root Beer, Sprite, and Tropicana Twister sodas. Of course, caffeine free Pepsi and Coke are great one for one alternatives to their caffeinated counterparts.

Is there caffeine in caffeine coca cola?

EVERY soda has caffeine. Caffeinated drinks: (examples) 7-UP, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Fanta, etc.

Does Fuze Strawberry Red Iced Tea have caffeine?

All of the Fuze iced teas contain some caffeine. The Strawberry Red flavor contains 25 mg of caffeine per serving.

Does strawberry slim fast have caffeine?

I think so.

What sodas do not have caffeine in it?

Sprite does not have caffeine in it.Coca Cola produces a caffeine free version that tastes exactly like regular Coke.usually they are not dark, like sprite or fanta. check the label, they will say no caffeine.

How much caffeine in Wendy's strawberry iced tea?

The Wendy's website does not say whether or not strawberry iced tea has caffeine, but iced tea generally does, although not as much as coffee.

Is Orange Fanta a caffeine soda?

Yes it is because it says on the label in light white "Hi".

What beverages does Pizza Hut have?

Pepsi, coke, water, mountain dew, sprite, orange grape and strawberry fanta

How many different types of normal coke are there?

too many I do agree with that but coke owns a lot of soda's here are some: Coca-Cola classic caffeine free Coca-Cola classic Coca-Cola with Lime Coca-Cola Zero Diet Coke caffeine free Diet Coke Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda Diet Coke with Lime cherry Coke diet cherry Coke Cherry Coke zero Fresca Fresca Black Cherry Fresca Peach Inca Kola diet Inca Kola Manzana Mia Pibb Xtra Pibb Zero Red Flash Sprite Sprite Zero TAB vanilla Coke Vanilla Coke Zero Barq's root beer Barq's Floatz diet Barq's root beer Barq's Red Crème soda diet Barq's Red Crème soda Barq's French Vanilla Crème soda diet Barq's French Vanilla Crème Fanta Apple Fanta Berry Fanta Citrus Fanta Grape Fanta Lemon Fanta Orange Fanta Zero Orange Fanta Peach Fanta Pineapple Fanta Pink Grapefruit Fanta Red Tangerine Fanta Strawberry Fanta black cherry Fanta Grapefruit Mello Yello Mello Yello Cherry Mello Yello Melon Northern Neck Ginger Ale Diet Northern Neck Ginger Ale Carver's Ginger Ale

Is there caffiene in fanta birch beer?

No. Birch Beer, Root Beer, etc are all caffeine free. When our pregnant patients are looking for suggestion on caffeine free alternatives to Cola....we suggest them.

Why was Fanta named Fanta?

Because fanta is also in spanish

What is fanta in french?


Is fanta good for you?

no it has food coloring in it. although, it is better than coke products because it doesn't contain caffeine. Overall, soft drinks are not good for you

What is better fanta or coke?