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Q: Is there cows the size of dogs?
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What food has vitamins for cows and dogs?

Cows and dogs have different feedstuff requirements, thus there is no one food that contains vitamins (or any other nutrient) for both cows and dogs.

A ..... of cows was grazing in a field?

A herd Of CowsDepends on the size of the herd and the size of the "field." There can be maybe no cows, or only one, or there may be 100 cows.

What eats barn swallows?

cows and dogs

Can dogs give birth to cows?

No. Dogs have puppies and Cows have calves. no they can;t but they can give birth to humans my mother is a jack russel, called Patch.

Can dog eat cows?

When dogs get in packs, they can kill young cattle, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will eat them. Dogs are capable of eating raw meat from almost any animal, including cows, so to answer your question, yes.

Do beef cows have the same size udders as beef cows?

Beef cows = beef cows, so yes, obviously.

How big are India cows?

Same size as cows in North America.

Are cows hooves okay for dogs?

Most certainly. Dogs love them, and are a popular treat for them!

What animal to mandrills compete with?

dogs, cats, and cows

Are cows the most lovable animal in the world?

No. Dogs are probably the most lovable animal in the world, not cows.

Since you kill cows and chickens why is it wrong to kill dogs and cats?

We eat the cows and chickens. They are food. The same cannot be said of cats and dogs in most cultures. In most cultures we do not kill pets, not even when they are cows and chickens.

Are dogs deer cow invertebrates?

Dogs, deer and cows are mammals. They are vertebrates as they have a spinal column.