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Is there federal probation?

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On federal probation and commits a state crime?

You have your federal probation revoked and, further, face prosecution for the state offense.

Who should an inmate talk to about federal probation relocation?

His probation officer.

Can you get probation if you have a federal case?

Yes, my brother is on Federal parole

Who pays a probation officer?

There are Probation Officers and then there are Federal Probation officers... Who pays them? The goverment! As a Probation officer i get paid by the State and enjoy all the health benefits that the state offers.

If you are on federal probation and got arrested for disorderly intoxication will you be violated?

It's possible. Talk to your probation officer.

Does federal probation test urine for benzodiazepines?


What happens on your first federal probation violation?

U die

If you are on probation can you visit someone at a federal prison?

Be cautious with this. Your probation may have some restriction in it that prevents you from associating with known criminals, or wording to that effect. Contact your probation officer for clarification.

What has the author Bethuel Matthew Webster written?

Bethuel Matthew Webster has written: 'The federal probation system' -- subject(s): Probation

Can a person who has been charged with a federal misdemeanor and is under probation stay with someone who has firearms?

Check in with your probation officer. You may also have a problem if the person you are staying with has a record and/or is also on probation.

Does the Federal Probation Officer have the authority to release you earlier if you have completed all terms of probation?

The answer is no. The federal judge needs to formally terminate supervision. This is accomplished by either defense counsel or the USPO petitioning the court.

Im on federal probation and have dirty urine drops your probation officer is asking that you be revoked how much time can you get?

you may have to serve the remainder of your sentence

If convicted of a Federal Felony can the judge allow probation?

Yes, but HIGHLY unlikely.

What insurance do federal probation officers have?

Their activities are covered under the employers insurance.

Are legal buds legal to smoke on probation?

No, federal law outlaws marijuana and state law does not affect what federal law says.

Will you fail a drug test for federal probation if you use Test?

yes, DON'T USE IT!!!

When did the federal government establish a probation system for US district courts?

twelve dollars

Can you get probation for a first time felony by have a shotgun in the car?

If I understand the question correctly - - - you are on probation AND you got caught with a shotgun in your car. If that is the case - your probation will be revoked and you will go to jail, AND be charged with a new offense (possibly federal as well) of felon in possession of a firearm). Congratulations! You are now eligible to spend 15 years in federal prison.

Can a judge in Hawaii federal court sentence someone to probation for a federal drug charge that she plead guilty to?

Yes. Why did you think the judge couldn't?

If on federal probation how many minor violations can you have before getting sent back to prison.?

Only your federal PO and the judge know the answer to this question.

Could you be put on probation for firearm by a felon?

Under State law- possibly. Under Federal law, you would be sentenced to 5 years in prison, no probation, no parole.

What is the difference between a federal probation officer and a state probation officer?

The only difference is the level of government that they work for. One supervises released violators convicted and sentenced for FEDERAL crimes, the other supervises released violators convicted of STATE crimes.

What are the sentencing guidelines for a felon in possession of a firearm in Virginia?

Federal law. 5 yrs, Federal prison, no probation, no parole. See Operation Exile.

Can someone travel from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas while on federal probation?

It depends on the respective authorities and the terms of the federal probation. While former prisoners are free to travel from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas, many of them are under supervision and surveillance for several months and even years. With the above said, it can be noted that the terms of Federal probation are based on the type of crime the former inmate was charged with. Many people on probation are required to have periodic drug tests, in such situations, distant travel would be restricted and in the example of Nevada and Pennsylvania, that distance of travel may not be available.

What is the sentence for a convicted felon if caught with stolen firearms in maine?

Federal crime- in ANY state. Minimum 5 years in a Federal prison, no probation, no parole.