Is there free debt consolidation counseling in Los Angeles California?


The first sitting is usually free. You can discuss your personal financial situation with a professional credit counselor. This will involve a frank discussion about your earnings, assets, expenses, liabilities and current credit card situation. After reviewing your financial situation, debt counselors will offer you several plans you could opt for to settle your debts in the quickest possible manner. If you choose to consolidate your debts using their services, the charges could be something like around $40 one-time payment and about $3.00 a month per account.


I think every financial company will provide you guidance which will be free.

You should directly contact companies instead of getting others suggestion because everyone's debt is different .

The rate of interest you are offered by these companies always remains much lower to that of all your existing debt. With the financial process you reduce your debt burden by 50% to 60% and also before time then you yourself can pay off.

I was also indulged in taking others guidance but instead its more useful to directly approach companies.