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Is there gang violence in Anchorage Alaska?

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Unfortunately yes. Please check the web links for detailed information. Hope this helps!

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What is the sports teams of Alaska?

College TeamsAlaska/Anchorage Seawolves - Anchorage (University of Alaska Anchorage)Alaska/Fairbanks Nanooks - Fairbanks (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Where is The University of Alaska Anchorage located?

The University of Alaska Anchorage is located in the state of Alaska.

Distance between Homer Alaska and Anchorage Alaska?

the distance between homer Alaska and anchorage Alaska is about 222 miles

What county is Anchorage Alaska in?

Alaska doesn't have counties.Anchorage is in the Matanuska Burough.

When was Anchorage Alaska Temple created?

Anchorage Alaska Temple was created in 1998.

What time zone is Anchorage Alaska?

Anchorage Alaska is GMT-9.

When was University of Alaska Anchorage created?

University of Alaska Anchorage was created in 1954.

What state is Anchorage?

Anchorage is a city in Alaska.

What is the glacier in anchorage Alaska?

There are no glaciers in Anchorage.

How many miles from manila to anchorage Alaska?

Manila to Anchorage, Alaska is 5314 miles.

What country would you have to travel through when driving from seattle washingtonto anchorage?

anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada anchorage is in Alaska and ALASKA is next to Canada so the answer is Canada

What is the flying distance from Anchorage Alaska to Juneau Alaska?

The flight distance from Anchorage, Alaska to Juneau, Alaska is 575 miles / 926 km.

Where is the Museums Alaska in Anchorage Alaska located?

The address of the Museums Alaska is: Po Box 3004, Anchorage, AK 99603

What is the population of Anchorage?

Anchorage, Alaska has a population of 279,243

What biome is anchorage?

The Biome of Anchorage Alaska is Tundra.

What conteint Anchorage in?

Anchorage, Alaska is in North America.

How many sq miles is Anchorage in Alaska?

Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 1,961.1 square miles.

Where is Anchorage?

AlaskaSouth Central Alaska

How do you get from Seward Alaska to Anchorage Alaska?

Drive the Seward Hwy South from Anchorage to Seward. Drive the Seward Hwy North from Seward to Anchorage.

What North American city is 61 degrees N and 150 degrees W?

Anchorage, Alaska.

Where is the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage Alaska located?

The address of the Alaska Zoo is: 4731 Omalley Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507-6573

Is Anchorage in the Southern Hemisphere?

Anchorage (Alaska) is in the Northern Hemisphere.

Is Anchorage a city or county?

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska.

Where us anchorage located?

Anchorage is located in the state of Alaska.

What is the culture in anchorage Alaska?

There is not just a single culture in Anchorage.