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Is there gm on svr2010?


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2009-09-24 19:05:59
2009-09-24 19:05:59

Yes THQ has put gm mode in i hope every fan will enjoy smackdown vs raw 2010 out on october 20

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No, you can't. They're not in the game.

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svr2010..... yes, but thq's contract with wwe runs out in the end of 2010 so ea sports might take over after svr2010 but smackdown vs raw 2010 is almost guarenteed and its gonna be better than ever if thq wants to renew their contract with wwe its gonna depend on how good svr2010 is link below the game is now out, with cutscene creator, updated create a finisher, superstar threads etc

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These are the SVR 2010 game prices: Wii:$79.95 PSP:$49.95 PS3:$89.95 PS2:$44.95 DS:$49.95

Penny - 2.5 gm (1982 and later); 3.11 gm before that Nickel - 5.00 gm Dime - 2.27 gm Quarter - 5.67 gm Half dollar - 11.34 gm (1971 and later) "Golden" dollar - 8.1 gm

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