Is there going to be a halo game after reach?


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There will.

but it will be made by different people.

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Yes they are. The newest game that is coming is Halo: Reach.

halo reach but its only going to be on ps3 Zacmoo: what the hell are u talking about its on the XBOX 360 right now! and there is going to be another halo game

halo reach is going to be a little like real life.although halo reach will not be based on the halo book "the fall of reach".the game play in this game is awesome with more weapon and more power ups.also those who say yes it is based on the book,no.

Nothing is being said about another Halo game. If there is going to be another Halo you will hear about it a couple months before the release, however, Halo Reach is the last Halo game being released by bungie.

Yes Halo 4 by 343 industries (basically bungie focused all on halo)

yes because master chiefs legacy goes on in the next game

Halo 4 is amazing. It's a totally different game than Reach or Halo 3.

The Halo Reach Beta is to test the game, finding out glitches and to show a sneak preview to everyone. Halo Reach is the actual game, Which in my opinion is an amazing game.

they were going to make one but they made halo reach instead

as in the game? yes there is, it's called "halo reach" look up the trailers on youtube

There will not be another Halo game after Reach.

Yes, there has been "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition" and "Halo 4". There will also probably be a "Halo 5"

there is no halo 4 but no reach is completely new

Yes. Halo Reach will be region free according to 'Domenic' of the Reach team. You will be able to play it on any retail Xbox 360.

the newest halo game so far is halo osdt but halo wars is newer than halo 4 @axe11154 part um halo 4 hasn't been made in fact there may never be one the next halo game coming out is halo reach and that's a prequel to halo wars wait what ok so 3 games going forward halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 3 going backwards halo 3 odst halo wars halo reach wtf

no, this is just the last halo game from bungie. other halos will be done by 343 industries. halo 4 is coming out 2012 november-december & apparently it is going to be the best halo.

Reach is the planet that the game is based on.

In halo reach,You can not use cheat codes.nor in any halo game

Actually Halo 4 is the next game.

halo reach is bungie's last halo, but there is Halo 4 coming out 2012 late during the year

No he is not. Master Chief's legacy takes place after Halo: Reach.

Yeah. Bungie is done making Halo games but Microsoft is making Halo 4 and a remake of the first halo which will come out in November I think.

Bungie made halo 1-3 then Halo ODST and after that Halo Reach. Bungie said that Reach would be the last Halo game as far as I know.not from bungie no thy have said that halo reach would be there final halo game but thy also said thy wont end things with out letting us know wht happend to master chef on the end of halo 3.

Halo reach is a very complicated game so there is no possible answer to this.

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