Is there going to be a movie for the lying game by Sara Shepard?

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There is a possibilty that one could come out because of Pretty Little Liars books. But even for that it took four years to produce a tv show. So my answer is maybe but I'm not sure. Hope this helped a bit! and BTW i wish the Lying Game actually would turn into a movie!
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When did Alan Shepard go to the moon?

Alan Shepard went to the moon as the commander of the Apollo 14 mission which launched on January 31 1971, and landed back on earth on February 9th. The actual moon landing was on the 5th February.

What is going on with taker sara now?

taker and sara are still together. If you have noticed, some pics of the undertaker's tattoo "SARA" hasn't been there, its cause Having your wifes name tattoed on your neck isn't really tough. But, also, in matches, you see he has the tattoo but, its faded. He needs to get the tattoo redone. Tattoos ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be a hunger games movie?

Yes, there is directed by Lionsgate, and Suzanne Collins will the the scriptwriter and Gary Ross the director. It is to be released on March 23, 2012.

What happens in wicked by sara Shepard?

Emily falls for a guy. Aria starts liking a older guy who ends being her mother's boyfriend. Hannah's dad moved in wig Isabel and Kate and Hannah and Kate become best friends and start ruling the school with Naomi and Riley. Spencer's nana dies and when she is left out of the will that promises her ( Full Answer )

How do you save your game on Bella Sara?

This is an important answer, because saving your game is really important: it depends on what country you live in, but in most places the adventures are no longer a pop-out window; there is an icon on the top bar. there should be a 'save' button that i think is purple below the screen thing, and you ( Full Answer )

Is The Hunger Games going into a movie?

Yes it is rumored to become a movie in 2011/2012 (Gale vs peeta how's a girl to choose) Dont listen to the team peeta team gale dont turn a decent series into a freaking d u m b series like twighlight and its not a rumor, there are 2 trailers on YouTube and its gonna be March 23 2012

When is sara Shepherd's new series the lying game coming out?

Well, the first book already came out :P on December the 8th 2010.. I love it soo much it is the most amazing book EVER!! If you were obsessed with the Pretty little liars Series, then you will be in love with the lying game. I don't know when the second book comes out (Never have I ever), I'm ( Full Answer )

What are games like Bella Sara?

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How many books has Sara Shepard written?

1. Pretty little liars 2. Flawless 3. Perfect 4. Unbelievable 5. Wicked 6. Killer 7. Heartless 8. Wanted 9. Twisted 10. Ruthless 11. Stunning 12. Title Unknown *This is the Pretty Little Liars series but she has written a lot more books.

Who killed sutton mercer in the lying game by Sara Shepard?

It says that Sutton watched Emma tell Ethan the whole story, everything. It didn't go through the convoersation so I'm sure Emma told Ethan her name. I think it's too early to tell who killed Sutton. There are too many different possibilities. There's Laurel, Madison & Charolette who all had motives ( Full Answer )

Who killed Sutton in the Lying Games?

Well, this is a kinda tricky question since there is only ONE book of the Lying Games that have came out already... Possible clues or suspects in the Lying Games include, Laurel, Sutton's adopted sister, Charlotte, Lili, Nisha, Madeline,Gabby, Gabriella (All of these are Sutton's "close" friends. I ( Full Answer )

What is the Lying game about?

It's about Emma Becker who is a foster kid, she finds her twin sister Sutton Mercer who lives "the sweet life" in Phoenix. They find each other because Sutton is searching for her birth mother an finds Emma. When Emma is framed by her foster brother she runs to Phoenix to her twin and they switch p ( Full Answer )

How does the lying game end?

Sutton is going to fall in love with thayer, and Emma is going to stay with Ethan..

What happened in the Pretty Little Liars book Flawless by Sara Shepard?

"Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is . " -A Alison DiLaurentis is out of the picture, but A keeps sending Aria , Emily , Hanna and Spencer suspicious text about things only Ali could know-and that's not the Liars' only problem. Aria is struggling with a secret that c ( Full Answer )

Is Sara Shepard writing another book after wanted?

Nope, sorry I wish it was true too. The Pretty Little Liars are done for now, but that doesn't mean she'll make more books. They just won't be based on our four favourite liars. But, you never knoe so I guess you'll just have to wait and see. And if you just wanted to hear a straight answer and not ( Full Answer )

What is the summary of the book the lying game?

well david lies to sally and sally lies to george... and they create a worldwide game that gets great reviews called the lying game ^^ thats not even the book we're talking about smart one

Who killed Sutten in the lying game?

No one knows who killed her yet. in book two it explains that it couldnt have been laurel, charolette, madeline, nisha, or anyone on the tennis team. lots of people think its ethan, but i think sara shepard will make it seem like ethan then there will be a twist. i think it may be thayer or it coul ( Full Answer )

What website can you watch The Lying Game on?

You can watch it on, but there are some adveritisment in between the episodes. Not all episodes are there, only a couple. The episodes last about a week or so. They give you a warning when the episode would be gone.

Where can you watch the lying game for free?

Check your local library, they usaully let you rent free movies for a certain amount of time.But it depends on what state you live in, im not sure if they all do that .Or you can watch it on tv. Sorry if they don't:(

What is the plot line or story map for Wanted by Sara Shepard?

The plot line is that Ms.DiLaurentis drops a bomb on Rosewood saying that Ali had a twin named Courtney.And Spencer Hanna Aria and Emily become friends with Courtney.Except there friendship with Courtney is better than what they had with Ali.BUt turns out that Courtney was the real one dead,Ali kill ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of Never Have you Ever by Sara Shepard?

There isn't just one theme. There is many different themes; mystery, lies, deceiving, love. Things like that. -Hope it helped. PS. If you are choosing one for an essay or something pick a few quotes and go with the theme that best fits the quotes. That way you can back your self up in the essay.

What is the main idea of the lying game?

Two twins switch places to find their real mom. There family and friends are not aware of the switch. As they get deeper in finding their mother, a lot of bad things start happening to them. Somebody is aware that the twins switched and threatens them to stay switch because if not bad things will ha ( Full Answer )

Who killed Thayer on the lying game?

Dont know yet but wndering if any of y'all know its a little hard to figure out but I think it might be one of alecs friends or rebeca who killed him but he sure is not as hot as the other boys I would not want to have sex with him

Who plays Rebecca on the lying game?

Charisma Carpenter as Annie "Rebecca" Sewell, Phyllis' estranged younger sister and Char's aunt who had left Phoenix many years ago

What is the theme song for The Lying Game?

It's called " Gun For A Tongue" by Butterfly Boucher. It says- Uh, uh, uh. Uh... uh, uh, uh, uh. Watch out for this girl, she's got a gun for a tongue.

What is the climax of the lying game?

there's a lot of good parts in the book, you shod read it. its very hard to explane. Its about a girl (emma) with a long lost twin. When she gos to meet her in the woods by her hose, somone anbushed her and told her "suttens (sutten= her twin) dead and keep playing sutten or your next". she ke ( Full Answer )

What is the Conflict in the lying game book?

I think the main conflict is that Emma finds through her step brother that she has a twin.She finds out that the twin is dead. She tries to put herself in the twins place and learn what her life was all about.

What movies is Mia Sara naked in?

She has four nude scenes in Black Day Blue Night (1995). She also has nude scenes in Timecop (1994) The Setup (1995) and Undertow (1996). The nudity in Undertow was originally cut when the movie was changed to a TV-movie rather than a theater release but was put back in for the unrated ( Full Answer )

What movies has Sara Rue played in?

The movies that Sara Rue has played in were Rocket Gibraltar, Passed Away, For My Daughter's Honor, Can't Hardly Wait, A Map of the World, A Slipping Down Life, Idiocracy,Gypsy 83, The Ring, and many others.

Is the lying game a girl book?

Yes, its written by Sara Shepard. I have read the series, and watch a show based off of her other books. I find them very interesting and entertaining.