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not in the t.v. version

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โˆ™ 2010-11-18 01:37:51
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Q: Is there going to be a season 2 for fruits basket?
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Is there going to be a 2 seson of fruits basket?

There may be a season 2 of Fruits Basket soon, but I'm 99% sure not for a while so the answer for now is: No

Will there be a season 2 for fruits basket?

No, not that i know of.....yet!

Will there be a fruits basket season 2?

No, unfortunately there will not be a Fruits Basket Season 2. However, the series was completed in the manga, which you can read online at MangaFox and MangaReader if you are unable to purchase it.

When does season 2 of fruits basket come out?

There will be no season 2 of fruits basket and they're not making one. that's why I read the manga which was 100% better :D especially the last ones

Is There A Season 2 Of Fruits Basket?

No but if u read the manga it continues

Fruits basket season 2?

There is not a season 2 YET! There's a petitition going on, go to google and type in fruits basket season 2 petitition and sign up so if there are enough people that sign this there might be a season 2 i did this and when u get the email (if u have one) it will say something like a donation its only one dollar though SIGN THE PETITITION!

Will there be a season 2 of Fruits Basket in 2010?

no, there will not , the sohma curse was broken for good.

Is there a season 2 of fruits basket in the manga?

No unfortunately there are only 26 volumes.

Will the company of the anime fruits basket' make a season 2?

I'm not totally sure but what I do know is that this other company is probably going to buy the Fruits Basket series from the original company and create the 2nd season. I suggest signing petitions. Ones that actually work.

Where is the petittion for fruits basket 2?

I don't know, but there will never be a Fruits Basket 2, because Natsuki Takaya was mad how they ruined her manga with the first season, and she would say no, so they would not do it.

Is there going to be a season 2 in fruit basket?

Most likely not. The series started some time ago near the 2000's with the show and manga. They eventually stopped the anime series leaving off into the beginning of the 6th manga. Though, they kept producing more manga's for Fruits Basket. Fans later made a petition to Funimation asking to make season 2 of Fruits Basket, which is still going on FYI. For this reason, the manga ended in 2007, fans had most likely forgotten about the anime, so its easier to just read the manga.

Will there be a season 3 of fruits basket?

No, and there will also not be a season 2. The author, Natsuki Takaya, got mad when they messed up her manga, so she didn't want a season 2. Plus, some voice actors are already retired, ect

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