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For a sixth Child's Play film they are thinking of remaking the first film then rebooting the series

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โˆ™ 2011-07-29 05:59:16
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Q: Is there going to be childs play 6?
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Will there be a remake of childs play?

Yes, There will be a new remake of Childs's Play in July 13,2011

Will there be a childs play 6?

No, but they are planing a remake. (rumor) to find more about this go to

How tall is Henry Childs?

Henry Childs is 6' 2".

How tall is Joshua Childs?

Joshua Childs is 6' 5".

What are the release dates for Game Grumps - 2012 Game Grumps Childs Play Charity Special 6-9?

Game Grumps - 2012 Game Grumps Childs Play Charity Special 6-9 was released on: USA: 2013

Is there going to be a childs play 6?

There was and is, it's called Curse of Chucky, the sixth installment of the series. It was released this month on DVD (October of 2013) but released in September VIA the internet.

How many child's play and chucky movie are there?

1) Childs Play 2) Childs Play 2 3) Childs Play 3 4) Bride of Chucky 5) Seed of Chucky There are 5 movies

Are they remaking childs play?


When was childs play made?


How tall is Greg Childs?

NFL player Greg Childs is 6'-03''.

What NFL team does Greg Childs play for?

Greg Childs plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

What position does Greg Childs play?

Greg Childs plays Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

What college did NFL player Greg Childs play for?

NFL player Greg Childs played for Arkansas.

Is there going to be a 6th childs play?

Yes actually, it came out September 24, 2013 on internet, and October eighth, 2013 on DVD.

What movie was Chuckie the puppet in?

Childs Play (and sequels)

What is the first chucky film called?

Childs Play

When will childs play remake come out?

In July 13, 2011

Boys tied to bed in movie?

Childs play 2

What year did childs play 2 come out?

It came out in 1990.

Is there going to be any other Childs Play movies?

The most recent Child's Play installment was Curse of Chucky that was released in September 2013 but the DVD of the movie came out October eighth.

When and where was baseball player Sam Childs born?

Sam Childs was born November 6, 1861, in East Hartford, CT, USA.

In what movie does the Lakeshore Strangler transfers his soul into a doll?

childs play

What kind of euphonium does David Childs play?

Besson Prestige BE2052

How old is Chucky's movie?

Childs play 1 made in 1988

When did baseball player Cupid Childs play?

Cupid Childs debuted on April 23, 1888 and played his final game on July 8, 1901.