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Is there going to be more superheroes in Smallville season 7?


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2009-08-18 21:51:03
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No There is only kara his cousin

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Probably between 22 and 24 of September 2009 like the others season. To me, how more fast better. I love Smallville.

Smallville has six more episdoes to go before the show finishes for season seven. Want to find out more go to the smallville site at To get the lastet and greatest about Smallville and it's actors.

He is in season 7 only for about all the episodes. But in season 8 he is a regular castmember or will be on more often. I think I speak for everyone when I say Justin hartly is hottt

It's the season break. (Just for the summer) But they will start back up in the fall :] its back on e4 now and its smallville season 8

Yes, there was a Season 8 of Smallville and it had premiered on September 18, 2008 with the episode "Odyssey" as Clark is found powerless however John Jones sacrifices his powers in order to restore Clark's powers and Clark goes to save Chloe Sullivan from a LuthorCorp facility that she was being held at, the season also features Clark starting his job at the Daily Planet and Clark also meets new characters such as Plastique, Tess Mercer, Maxima and the Legion of Superheroes; Rokk, Imra and Garth.

There will be a season 9, starting Friday the 25th of September 2009.

No not yet, April 2nd there is a new episode I think Smallville will end 2011 maybe because the producers annouced there is a season 10 of Smallville...yeah there will be more episodes in 2010

Smallville season 8 was released in Australia in September 2009 and season 9 was released September 2010 only one more season is to be released and that will happen in 2011

Obviously, if you have ever watched Smallville, then you would know it is based on the early years of Batman. It describes his back story from when his parents got shot. The series follows the adventures of Bruce Wayne, who resides in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, with his foster parents during the years before he becomes Batman. The first four seasons focused on Wayne and his friends' high school years. Since season five, the show has ventured into more adult settings, eventually focusing on his career as a millionaire, as well as introducing other DC comic book superheroes and villains. (The show was originally going to be about Superman, but the idea never really worked). Hope this helps =D !

There are currently 162 episodes of NCIS from season 1 to season to season 7. (There are going to be more episodes as they are going to make season 8).

there can be superheroes in comic books from movies...... one is called Captain Underpants.... ill think of more

There was going to be a fourth season, however during it's third season the show did not get enough viewers and was canceled.

no she is doing the last season ( season 4) soon and that's it :(

there is going to be 6 season of the vampire diaries lets hope maybe more season but i went on and it said that.

yes there is going to be a 2nd season. it will be in either August or September.

You have to look for contests or look at the smallville website more than likely the show will not be looking for extra cast members

yes it is if w.i.t.c.h. gets more popular

yes there has been a comfirmed season 6

It Is Possible They say it's after the mangga of it they told me there's going to be a season 2 but it's not yet confirmed if there's more

Season four of Torchwood is going to be 10 episodes long and they started writing it in January.

This depends on the season you are referring to. For more accurate information, please specify the season number or location.

The most legendary superheroes are: Batman Spiderman Captain America The Green Lantern Superman Lex Luthor Bad Guys are: Apocalypse Juggernaut and many more

There is only TFA the 'movie' ,season 1,2 and lastly 3.No more TFAs

The producers are tossing between whether they will or won't have a Season 9 but apparently the choice is going more in favour of a Season 9.

Yes, 2 more seasons have been ordered.

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