Types of Grasses

Is there grass in the forest?

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What kind of grass grows in Deciduous forest?


Is turkmenistan mostly cropland forest or sparse grass?

sparse grass

Does the rain forest have grass?

Some parts of the rainforest do have certain types of grass but there is not grass everywhere.

What do you feel in the forest?

What i feel in the forest is flowers,air trees,and the grass.

What is the vegetation in Coniferous Forest?


Where is Pikachu in the virdian forest?

In the grass.

What eats grass that lives in the forest?


Is there grass in the tropical rain forest?

yes, grass is part of the tropical rainforest

How do you catch pokemon in the white forest?

You have to see grass and then go in the grass and battle. It is usually Elekid for me but try to get a Pokemon in White Forest. If there is no grass then you can't catch Elekid and other Pokemon so just try to get grass. :)

Are south Dakota's black hills covered with forest or grasses?

forest and grass!

Does grass grow in the coniferous forest?


How do you get pokemon in the white forest?

gi in the grass

How do you get the grass to grow in white forest?

it has to be summer

What eats grass in the deciduous forest?


What is the difference between a forest and grassland?

A forest is a big area covered in trees. A grassland is a large area covered in grass. The difference is that a forest has more trees and a grassland has more grass.

What forest animals eat grass?

Herbivores such as deer and rabbits eat the grasses of the forest...

What eats grass in the rainforest?

Not a whole lot of animals actually eat "grass" in the rain forest. There are a few reasons for this. One, the rain forest doesn't have grass like other places do. Rain forest grass more closely resembles small ferns or shrubs, because the forest floor does not receive much light. Also, the common forest floor dwellers are carnivores, and they eat meat. The organisms that do walk along the forest floor would be more like Tapirs, or rain forest "pigs" who would eat small shrubs and berries.

Why does grass fires burn faster than forest fires?

Grass is shorter and forests are large.

What term best describes the land in Turkmenistan Cropland forest or sparse grass?

Sparse grass

What kinds of plants live in the forest?


Where is gorilla found?

it is found in the forest or grass lands

Pokemon Platinum where is a grass stone?

in eterna forest

Is Amazon grassland?

No it is not a grass land. It is a rain forest.

How do you catch pansage in pinwheel forest?

The shaking grass, make sure you're in the forest, not the outskirt.

What does forest provide us?

trees and grass...trees provide oxygen and grass provides food for the animals

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