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There are no accepted or approved treatments or supplements that increase the rate of facial hair growth. However, there are a few supplements been shown to help with the health of the hair, which may help it to grow better. The main natural products that help with hair health are Biotin, Silica, MSM, and L-Cysteine, so you could try any or all of them. Facial hair for men is a secondary sexual characteristic mainly controlled by blood levels of testosterone and estrogen, influenced in large part by genes/race.

Rogaine and Propecia do not increase the rate of hair growth and have only been shown to be effective in restoration of hair growth in male pattern baldness.

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They have certin types of pills as - biotin - testostoren pills - but mostly the b complex vitamin pills are your best chance for facial hair

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No, there is not any medication to cause facial hair growth.

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Q: Is there is any medicine for facial hair growth?
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Does growth of height and growth facial hair have any relation?

No, I have a moustache, yet am very short for my age.

Is there any house items that can be used to speed up the growth of facial hair?


What are 2 ways to grow a beard?

1) Let your facial hair grow without any trimming etc.2) Wash your face a lot, it will speed up the facial hair growth process.

Is there any way that you can facilitate the growth of facial hair if you are 22 and do not have facial hair?

Facial and body hair is down mainly to your genetics. If you do not have facial hair yet at 22-years-old then there is still time. Facial and body hair comes with the onstart of puberty, but a beard can take a while to appear. It may start a bit here and there or look patchy in places when it begins but it is a sign that facial hair is beginning. Some races of people have genetics that gives very little facial and body hair and others much more.

Can you put Rogain on your face in order to grow facial hair?

Rogaine is a vasodilator which counteracts the constricting effect of DHT on the hair follicles. Since the effectiveness of Rogaine is not uniformly conclusive on regular hair growth, I would say it is unlikely that Rogaine would have any noticeable effect on facial hair growth. If you want thicker facial hair you need an androgenic supplement or testosterone booster.

Is there any facial mask that can reduce facial hair?


Do girls like chinstrap facial hair?

There are some girls that do like chinstrap facial hair. It really depends on the girl, some like facial hair while others do not like any facial hair on a guy.

How can you grow facial hair if you are an Asian?

why do you need to grow facial hair? people who already with hair on their face feels uncomfortable sometimes especially if few days unshaven! anyway, there so many ways to do it either using hormone and apply some oils which meant for hair growth. consult your physicians or any pharmacist.

Are there any rules about facial hair in MLB?

No, many players such as Al Hrabosky, Dennis Eckersley, and Rollie Fingers have facial hair.

Why does Julian Casablancas never have any facial hair?

Julian has stated before that he cannot grow facial hair very well.

Does napey hair grow fast?

Nappy hair is happy hair. It is hair that has been freed of any chemicals such as relaxers and other chemicals that one would use on their hair. Everybody hair grows differently due to their nature and what they do to their hair. Hair growth also are affected by poor diets, medicine that one may be taking, hair styling products and heat. All of these things can affect the growth of someone's hair.

What are NOT secondary sex characteristics in females?

Female puberty does not cause muscle growth, facial hair growth, significant changes to facial bone structure, nor any changes to the voice. Female puberty does increase breast size, start menstruation, widen the hips, cause some mental changes, and redistribute body fat.