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Is there is scope for mechanical engineering?

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There is a wide scope for mechanical engineering worldwide.mechanical engineers are the second highest employed engineers among all others with only 7% unemployed whereas any normal engineering stream would have around 15% unemployed engineers worldwide.we have the automobile industry,oil and gas production companies,aeronautical field,cement industries,design sector,chemical industries,heavy machinery sector,information technology,defense and above all the booming construction field always waiting on for mechanical engineers with lucrative pays and packages.

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What is the scope for mechanical engineering students?

always good scope for mechanical engineering students & they shine always mech rokz..

What is the scope of architectural engineering in Pakistan?

Its scope in Pakistan is more then Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Is there a scope for ladies in mechanical engineering?

yes,All can do mechanical engineering without any hesitate.

What is the scope of mechanicl engineering?

There is actually no defined scope of mechanical engineering, simply because the amount of industries a mechanical engineer could work in are infinite.

Scope of mechanical engineering over telecommunication engineering?

cooling servers

Which branch of engineering has the best scope?

Mechanical engineering -harish haribal

What is the scope of mechanical engineering in Pakistan?

Excellent Scope! u can earn a lot!

Which engineering course has the best scope?

mechanical, electrical and biomed

What is mechanical engineering Scope of mechanical engineering in these days?

mechanical engineering is a stream of engineering which deals with design and manufacturing.It has a tremendous scope in automobile engineering,cement industry,steel,power sector, Hydraulics,etc.It involves applications of all streams of engineering like Civil engineering(mechanics), computer engineering(CAD,CAM,CAE), electronics engineering(mechatronics). It is rightly called a EVERGREEN BRANCH.

Scope in mechanical engineering?

I am +2 1st group student can I do CA?

Which branch has highest scope in btech?

dude, at this time MECHANICAL ENGINEERING holds the best scope... then after that electronics and civil holds good scope...

What is the scope of Information technology engineering?

bhenchod,it has pretty wide scope but u should choose mechanical engg for the best future

Which engineering course has the best scope in Pakistan?

i think that in pakistan mechanical electrical and civil has good scope......but it realy depends on ur interest.

Which has better future ece or mechanical engineering?

Mechanical Engineering has a good scope than ece....ece is all about electric devices and communication devices.......even mechanical engineer can do some of that job....mechanical can go in any field even in IT field if you are good at i vote for mechanical......

Scope of biochemical engineering?

i want to know scope of biochemical engineering

What is a Bachelor of Science in mechanical Engineering compared to Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

It's the same thing. If you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, you have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering society free registration?

Relevant answers:Why is it that mechanical engineering is important in the society?ever use a car? mechanical engineering, ever used a manufactured product? the machines usedWhat is the importance of mechanical engineering in your society?In my own word,mechanical Engineering as a field helps in building,Creating machines.What is difference between mechanical engineering and mechanical and automation engineering?Mechanical engineering is working on machine always to make it function while automationHow is mechanical engineering equal to production engineering?as the syllabubs is same so we can say that it is similarIs Automobile Engineering Equivalent To MechanicalEngineering?no

What to study after mechanical engineering?

Study Engineering mechanical

What the scope of mechanical engineering?

mechanical engineering is a branch of science that focuses in Machine Design but also covers a lot of field of sciences namely, thermodynamics, power plant design, industrial plant design, refrigeration,mehanics and the likes.

Can you do mechanical engineering after a degree in marine engineering?

No. Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering courses are many differences.

Which is best industrial engineering or mechanical engineering?

i think mechanical engineering is best because

What is the scope of petroleum engineering in Pakistan?

No scope

Scope of mechanical and Automation engineering in coming years?

me jitne bhi logo ko jaanta hoo sab unplaced hai

How is scope for mechanical engineering?

How is scope for mechanical engineering?

Abbreviation for Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is sometimes abbreviated as MechE.