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there arnt any new Pokemon but you can catch all 493 Pokemon

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no there wont be but there will be Pokemon that you couldn't get in silver and gold and but no new Pokemon

Pokemon soul silver and heart gold are the new Pokemon games out in Ireland.

The old Pokemon silver probably cost $10 and Pokemon Soul Silver the new one cost $40.00.

Well there basicly the same only soul silver is new

I'm sorry to say but there are no new Pokemon is heart gold or soul silver

Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver

You get Deoxys at new moon island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every kind of Pokemon. The safari zone was designed to bring trainers the thrill of every region, so it contains all Pokemon, except for the new Unova region Pokemon.

yes there is goin to be remakes of Pokemon gold and silver called heart gold and soul silver

You can't. New Moon island is in Sinnoh.

after heart gold and soul silver Pokemon black and white is out and theres new Pokemon and the reigon is called unova

Surf east from New Bark Town.

You can't. You have to start a new save file.

no but in certain version there are different Pokemon so you have to trade to get them all

The Pokemon Professor lives right beside your house in New Bark Town.

Ok well Pokemon soulsilver is the same thing as the old Pokemon silver if you have silver do not get soul silver but the best Pokemon game is comming out end of the year its called bronze, soul silver has 16 gyms because you fly to another region for another eight its very easy i have already finished

NO! Pokemon SoulSilver Version is the exact same thing as Pokemon Silver Version. Only all the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region Pokemon are in there.

Pokemon 'Heart Gold' & 'Soul Silver' YAY!!! :D , Gold featuring Ho-oh, and Silver featuring Lugia

well u just have to make a new game

All your previous things will be gone forever

u go to main menu and press new