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Is there something wrong if you have your menstruation period for two and a half weeks?


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2006-08-16 11:28:37
2006-08-16 11:28:37

i have been on my period for mroe than 2 weeks before now and it has only happened a coulpe of times. it is not unusual to have irregular periods but if this continues then consult your Dr.


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correct me if im wrong but if you have a regular period (28 weeks) then you ovulate right after menstruation. that's how i am, because i figured out ovulation days on a parenting website. put in the first day of my last period (sept. 24) and my ovulation days were oct. 4-8. so from the time you are pregnant to two weeks after you can ovulate and get pregnant

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Hi Your question is: Is it wrong to have your period for 2 weeks? Yes this is not normal and you should see your Doctor about this.

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It could be stress or it could be a signal that something is wrong....See a doctor

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2 weeks is pretty long considering your period should be 4-5 days or atleast a week. Try visting your doctor, something could be wrong.

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