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i have been on my period for mroe than 2 weeks before now and it has only happened a coulpe of times. it is not unusual to have irregular periods but if this continues then consult your Dr.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-16 11:28:37
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Q: Is there something wrong if you have your menstruation period for two and a half weeks?
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Why do you bleed when your boyfriend finger bangs you?

He is doing something wrong or it is her period. He is doing something wrong or it is her period. He is doing something wrong or it is her period.

Is it wrong to have your period for 2 weeks?

Hi Your question is: Is it wrong to have your period for 2 weeks? Yes this is not normal and you should see your Doctor about this.

What can be the causes of having a period for six weeks?

It could be stress or it could be a signal that something is wrong....See a doctor

Can a women get pregnant when she had contact after her menstruation?

correct me if im wrong but if you have a regular period (28 weeks) then you ovulate right after menstruation. that's how i am, because i figured out ovulation days on a parenting website. put in the first day of my last period (sept. 24) and my ovulation days were oct. 4-8. so from the time you are pregnant to two weeks after you can ovulate and get pregnant

Could something be wrong with you if you skipped your period one month and the next month your was 2 weeks late?

You might be pregnant

What does it mean when your period is 2 weeks long?

2 weeks is pretty long considering your period should be 4-5 days or atleast a week. Try visting your doctor, something could be wrong.

Is there something wrong if you experience a period for 3 days during the beginning of the month and then receive another period 2 weeks later?

no you could be pregnant though

Is something wrong when you have your period for 2 weeks?

yes, you should maybe go see the doctor. your period should last a couple days a week max.

What happens if you feeling pain in stomach for four weeks and no period is there something wrong?

You may be pregnant, make sure you do a test! x

Is something wrong if your period goes on for longer than two weeks?

Most likely. You should consult a doctor or your gynecologist as soon as possible.

You are almost 17 and only get your period once a year is there something wrong?

Yes something is wrong. You are suppose to have a normal period every month.

If you were supposed to start your period 2 weeks ago and are currently on it but its lighter then usual could something be wrong?

yes, you could be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

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