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If you are a girl then no. of course not "why should there be something wrong with that". instead that should be great because you can have something to think about. and it doesnt matter what gender you are.


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No, it's not wrong. It's no more wrong than a 9th grade boy having a crush on a 7th grade girl, or a 9th grade girl having a crush on a 7th grade boy. Having a crush is never wrong. It's how you act on your feelings that's right or wrong. If you pursue a sexual relationship with someone who is legally too young to have sex, or if you stalk and harass someone who has made it clear that they're not interested in you, THEN it's wrong.

yes it happens all the time and is a natural thing to have a crush on someone weather it be a girl having a crush on a boy or vise verse, it happens to everyone!

Yeah, this typically isn't a great idea! You can definitely like someone who is only 10, like as a friend, but having a crush on her is not a good thing.

is about a boy having a crush on the hottest girl in school

Something could be wrong. We don't know for sure. He could have autism.

Not really, sometimes you can't help it. And it never hurts to try.

who is the little boy with a crush on lisa

because you like him so much that you dream about dating him.

School Boy Crush was created in 1975-06.

You can't make any one have a crush or love you. It will happen when it happens and this is not something that you can make happen. Be patient and it will happen.

yes he probaly does trust me i am a boy also flater him like muscles or something

Something like: "Roses are red, violets are blue, i think i have a big crush on you!

ask him if he has a crush on you!!! ask him if he has a crush on you!!!

If he likes boy stuff, scalextrics set, or something to do with cars, or trains. If he likes girl stuff then there is something wrong, but get him a dolly.

If he truley likes you and something really goes wrong, he will still like you .

you ask her. really it's that easy ask to go to the movies or something.

When you grow up enough to spell the word "boy" correctly they might actually consider having a "crush" on you. Until then, they won't so it really is irrelevant.

how you know when a boy has a crush on you is when a boy looks at you all the time. or text him and ask or call just be yourself about it when you ask

A boy can have crush on you if you become close. Talking random stuff, going on dates can make him fall for you.

You really only do that while having sex, and it is wrong to have sex before marriage so yes it is wrong.

Obviously he's a crush even if you wont admit it 2 yourself .it has something to do with puberty

Anne wrote in her diary about normal things that teenage girls go through like having a crush.

Of course not. Having something can't make you gay.

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